Jill Biden Underwent A Medical Procedure. Here's What We Know

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is back in the White House after she underwent what is being referred to by multiple media outlets as a "common medical procedure." Dr. Biden, who was accompanied by President Joe Biden, checked into an outpatient center near George Washington University, stayed for two hours, and then returned home. According to her communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, "The first lady tolerated the procedure well," and she was thinking of returning to her regular schedule, although no appointments were scheduled for Wednesday (via Associated Press). No other details were revealed. 

Comparisons are being drawn between details of Dr. Biden's quick stay in an outpatient clinic and Melania Trump's medical procedure which took place in 2018. During that time, the then-First Lady stayed at Walter Reed National Medical Center for four days to treat what was called a "benign kidney condition," by University of Louisville School of Medicine professor Dr. Eleanor D. Lederer. She told People at the time that Trump's treatment was an "outpatient procedure" where "You go in, you have it done, you lie in bed for a while to keep the blood vessel from bleeding and then you go home." 

Social media users sent Jill Biden their best wishes

Social media users also responded to the news of Dr. Jill Biden's successful procedure by sending their best wishes to the First Lady and to call attention to the lack of transparency from her predecessor. A few even commented on President Joe Biden's decision to skip work to spend the morning by his wife's side, tweeting, "Because that's what a loving and devoted husband does for their wife. It's so nice have that again in our house. Good vibes to our beautiful 1st Lady." Another tweeted with a guess as to what procedure First Lady Jill Biden had gone in for: "Just a guess but could be a colonoscopy. Common procedure when you turn a certain age but you still have to undergo anesthesia. Good for him for being with her. Hope all goes well."

A third member of the Twitterati also referred to Melania Trump's hospital stay, tweeting: "Hey, remember when Melania had surgery and we didn't find out until after she had already been admitted. And then she was there for a week without an update. AND THEN she wasn't seen in public for 2 months afterward? Good times you guys ... "