The Real Reason Camilla Parker Bowles Got Divorced

Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, is widely known as the woman who married Prince Charles following a scandalous affair and the death of Charles' former wife, Princess Diana. However, as royal enthusiasts may know, Camilla was married once before. In fact, she was married to Andrew Parker Bowles when her affair with Prince Charles began.

According to a report from Showbiz Cheat Sheet in 2020, Camilla and Andrew began dating after meeting at her debutante party in 1965. However, it wasn't until after Camilla enjoyed a brief romance with Prince Charles in the early 1970s that they wed. As the outlet explained, Camilla and Andrew reconnected once Prince Charles entered the Royal Navy in 1973.

While Camilla remained married to Andrew until 1995, she continued to stay in touch with Prince Charles and actually welcomed him and Prince Diana into her home during their own relationship. Little did Princess Diana know, there was far more than a friendship going on between them.

Although Camilla and Prince Charles were able to keep their feelings for one another under wraps, and behind the backs of Andrew and Princess Diana, for some time, the scandal known as "Camillagate" ultimately exposed a secret 1986 phone conversation between them in 1993 (via The Mirror).

Andrew Parker Bowles was believed to be cheating on Camilla

While Princess Diana was certainly painted as the only victim of the affair, Camilla's then-husband, Andrew, was also seemingly in the dark about what was going on between his wife and Prince Charles. That said, Andrew was believed to have cheated as well, and went on to marry his alleged mistress, Rosemary Pitman, who died of cancer in 2010, just one year after his and Camilla's divorce (via Town & Country).

As for the reason given for their split, Showbiz Cheat Sheet claimed Andrew was furious about his wife's affair with the prince and demanded a divorce. Meanwhile, publicly, Camilla and Andrew attempted to downplay the scandal surrounding their affairs and troubled marriage with a statement from their lawyers, claiming they decided to break up because "there is little of common interest between [them]."

Around the time of Andrew and Rosemary's wedding in 1996, Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced and eventually, Prince Charles' relationship with Camilla was made public. Sadly, because Princess Diana was such a beloved fixture, people around the world weren't very fond of Camilla, or her relationship with Prince Charles, and took years to accept her into the royal family.