This Is Ruth Madoff's Net Worth Today

The widow of recently deceased Bernie Madoff, Ruth Madoff, had previously lived a life of so much luxury, it could only be compared to the kind of wealth featured in the popular HBO series Succession. But in Ruth's case, her lavish life certainly came crashing down when her husband, Bernie, was found guilty for what is now known as one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history (via USA Today).

At the time of the sentencing of the crime in 2008, the Madoff's assets were valued at a whopping 823 million dollars. A good chunk of their money was in real estate with homes in Manhattan, Montauk, Palm Beach, and France totaling a sizable 22 million dollars. They also owned four boats (one of which was a yacht) valued at 9.3 million dollars. Also, Ruth had a personal jewelry collection that held a brag-worthy sum of $2.6 million (via ABC News).

Ruth Madoff is still living comfortably

Ruth Madoff was never charged in connection to her husband's crimes, as her husband avoided a trial by pleading guilty to fraud, claiming he ran the Ponzi scheme on his own (via USA Today). Though Mrs. Madoff maintained the mask of innocence, millions of dollars and assets, including many of the luxuries they shared together were seized by the government. After the guilty verdict was handed down to Bernie, and the dust settled, Ruth was allowed to keep 2.5 million dollars of their assets (via Celebrity Net Worth).

Today, the recently widowed Madoff is living in a $3.8 million waterfront mansion in Connecticut together with a former daughter-in-law's family (via New York Post). She drives a Toyota Prius, and is known to keep to herself. By no means is this former globe trotting, yacht owning business woman scraping to get by. Her net worth is valued at 2 million dollars (via Celebrity Net Worth). That sure is a comfortable sum for most of us. But we can't help but wonder if Ruth agrees.