The Truth About Lady Sarah Chatto's Husband, Daniel Chatto

Lady Sarah Chatto is the youngest child, and only daughter, of the late Princess Margaret. Although she mostly stays out of the public eye — as The Telegraph notes, Margaret once memorably quipped, "My children aren't royal, they just happen to have the Queen as an aunt" — Chatto is well-known, and beloved of the British people, for her close relationship with Queen Elizabeth (via Hello! magazine). The favorite niece of the long-reigning monarch is a well-established painter, as well as VP of the Royal Ballet (via Pop Sugar). 


Lady Sarah took a gap year after college to travel India with her father, which is where she met her husband, Daniel Chatto. The two got hitched in 1992, with their sons, Samuel and Arthur, following soon after. Both boys attended the swanky Eton school before continuing their studies at the University of Edinburgh. Although the family prefers to keep things private, as the godmother of none other than Prince Harry, Chatto attracts a certain amount of attention. Her husband, meanwhile, is content to work quietly in the background. 

Daniel Chatto is a dedicated family man

As Hello! magazine notes, Lady Sarah Chatto met her husband, Daniel Chatto, while the two were working on the film Heat and Dust. Queen Elizabeth's niece was a wardrobe assistant on the production in which Daniel had a small role. His IMDb page lists just under 20 credits overall, the most recent of which was 1987's Little Dorrit, so presumably Daniel no longer works as an actor. Their wedding was a far smaller event than, for example, her cousin Prince Charles' nuptials to the late Princess Diana, at which Lady Sarah served as a bridesmaid. The event took place at St. Stephen Walbrook church in London, with around 200 guests in attendance. 


In July 2020, Hello! magazine celebrated the couple's 26th wedding anniversary by taking a look back at their big day, simultaneously noting both parties have had successful careers in the arts. Little is known about Daniel specifically, who understandably isn't as public as his wife, with Harper's Bazaar describing him as an "actor and artist." The Sun clarifies Daniel is a former actor. He comes from a showbiz family, with late parents Tom and Ros working as an actor and theatrical agent respectively, per The TelegraphThe happy couple currently resides in Kensington. Suffice to say, the Chattos are content with their low-key family life.