90 Day Fiancé: Are Rebecca And Zied Still Together?

For fans of 90 Day Fiancé, Rebecca and Zied have been a constant source of romantic drama. First, on Before the 90 Days, while she was visiting Zied in his native Tunisia, Rebecca revealed that she was still legally married to another man (via In Touch Weekly). This was more than a hiccup for Zied, a devout Muslim whose faith frowns upon dating married women. Fortunately, Rebecca's divorce was finalized before Zied arrived in the U.S. for the 90-day engagement visa that gives the reality show its name.

Then there was the jealousy. Rebecca became upset with Zied for accepting an offer to help move furniture out of a storage unit from a young woman who was friends with Rebecca's daughter (via CheatSheet). Later, Zied lost his cool after finding out that Rebecca still had photos of her ex on her phone (via In Touch Weekly). But still, the engagement continued.

The plot thickened as Ramadan approached. Zied told Rebecca that he couldn't live with her through the holy month if they were unmarried, significantly shortening their time to plan their nuptials and putting their living situation in jeopardy. Rebecca was understandably frustrated that Zied had waited so long to mention this stipulation. "Ramadan is the biggest holiday when it comes to Islam, and Zied suddenly mentions that we can't get married during Ramadan," she said (via Entertainment Tonight). "The main issue is that Ramadan starts in the next few weeks and it lasts about a month long. So, I don't know why it hasn't come up before now."

Rebecca got her fairytale wedding moment with Zied

Rebecca was also dismayed that the rush to marry might jeopardize the fairy tale wedding of her dreams. "I'm just disappointed that Zied is willing to settle so quickly to have just a regular courthouse wedding," she said (via Entertainment Tonight). "Despite the fact that I've been married three times before ... this feels like the first time that I'm getting married, and this is going to be my last wedding ... We're not finished discussing this yet."

And discuss it they did, since, as reported by Brides, the pair found a way to add some glamour to a simple ceremony. Rebecca stunned her groom with a horse-drawn carriage entrance. "I've never see marriage like this before, only in the TV, the movie," Zied told cameras. "The carriage, amazing, with the horse!"

So far, the magic seems to have lasted. Per a recent update with In Touch Weekly, the pair are still together and enjoying life as newlyweds. Brides reports that the couple still plan to have a more elaborate ceremony in Tunisia once COVID-related travel restrictions are lifted, but Rebecca told the outlet, "Zied makes me feel like a princess every day. Life since we've married has been incredible. We have fun every day, and we really are best friends. I waited a long time to find him, but it was worth the wait.