Is This Why Harry, William, And Kate Left Prince Philip's Funeral Together?

Much has been made of the fact that Prince Harry and Prince William did not stand side by side for the procession at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip. Despite rumors that the arrangement was meant to diffuse tensions between the brothers following Harry and Meghan stepping down from royal duties, and their subsequent tell-all interview with Oprah, Buckingham Palace issued a statement sternly noting in part that the order was "a practical change rather than sending a signal." The statement went on to say, "This is a funeral and we are not going to be drawn into perceptions of drama. The arrangements have been agreed and represent Her Majesty's wishes."

Of course, the world watched as Harry and William walked behind the royal family patriarch's coffin separated by Peter Phillips. Twitter blasted the seeming cold nature of the physical separation of the princes, with one person tweeting in part, "No one ever imagined relations between the brothers getting this bad." It didn't help that leading up to the funeral, it was reported that William and Harry had not spoken in person — but to be fair, upon the latter's arrival in the U.K., he had to follow strict COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Following the funeral however, royal family watchers were likely delighted to see the brothers leave the chapel together, along with Kate Middleton (via Us Weekly). So, what could have happened to help the three reconcile?

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton may have wanted to show a united front

Was it simply the somber, humbling nature of Prince Philip's funeral that helped Prince William and Prince Harry realize their bond is too special to squander? Perhaps. The New York Post is reporting it was Kate who played "peacemaker," and was the first royal family member to speak to Harry at the funeral. Upon seeing his wife and brother chatting, William reportedly joined the conversation.

Victoria Arbiter, a royal commentator for CNN, tweeted about the reunion of William, Harry, and Kate, "There were cars waiting to transport the royals back to the castle but they chose to walk as a family. Having been separated in the Chapel they're now able to come together which will be a comfort to the Queen." And so, it could have been that the brothers — along with Kate — wanted to put their differences aside to show the monarch that they are a united front at this very difficult time.

No matter the reason, Harper's Bazaar reports the three were in "good spirits" during their walk.