Here's What Sophie Sumner From America's Next Top Model Is Doing Now

Sophie Sumner was the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 18: British Invasion and still is a fan-favorite to this day. The bubbly star was a favorite because everyone said she could light up a room instantly, something she prides herself on. According to her portfolio, before ANTM, she was actually the runner-up in Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 5, but coming in second didn't stop her.

Sumner's life hasn't slowed down one bit since, having been on runways and in TV shows alike. After ANTM, she signed with LA Models and NY Model Management, and appeared in multiple magazines, including Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, and MEG Magazine. One of the standout prizes from Cycle 18 was the opportunity to record a single by CBS Records. So in 2012, Sumner came out with a pop song entitled "Aiming for You" on iTunes (via YouTube), and truthfully, it screams early 2000s vibes (via POPSUGAR).

After ANTM, Sophie Sumner went on to hosting and writing

According to her LinkedIn, following her stint on America's Next Top Model, Sophie Sumner hosted many segments with brands like Hearst, Forever 21, NBC, Cosmo TV, Marie Claire, and Conde Nast, to name a few. Along with hosting, Sumner went back to reality TV in Taking New York (via IMDb). Soon after, in 2016, she was a guest judge in the coronation night of Miss Earth 2016, per Celebrity News.

As of 2021, she is still signed on as talent to CESD Talent Agency and NY Models. And her hosting skills haven't gone to waste, as she is still a host for Music's Choice. Currently, she is working on a podcast called The Morning Pod (via Instagram), creates content as a contributing editor for Daily Front Row, and is the co-founder of Taste Collection. She lives in New York, killing the game every day and showing her 183K Instagram followers her amazing outfits.