Where Does Selena Gomez Live And How Big Is Her House?

Actor and singer Selena Gomez comes from humble roots in her home state of Texas, but she's made some smart real estate investments over the years, including the mansion in Los Angeles she purchased in April 2020. The more than 11,000-square-foot house located in the Encino neighborhood has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and it was once owned by musician Tom Petty, according to E!. In fact, Petty and his wife, Jane Benyo, had the estate custom-built in 1989 and it features many amenities that likely appealed to Gomez, like an in-home recording booth and gym.

Gomez's newest home also includes numerous bonus rooms, a wine cellar, massage room, and outdoor swimming pool. The enormous house is much larger than her previous home. The "Lose You to Love Me" singer spent quarantine in her quaint Studio City bungalow — an approximately 3,100 square-foot house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, according to Velvet Ropes. She listed that property for $2.799 million, per Elle.

Selena Gomez's new home has everything she could possibly need

Selena Gomez purchased her newest home at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one could speculate she did so after being stuck indoors for weeks at a time. Her new Encino home includes a half an acre of outdoor space, and the house itself has basic amenities and then some, including a family room, formal dining room, and large kitchen. According to E!, some believe Petty also had secret passages built throughout the property, which was renovated prior to Gomez's purchase.

The California home isn't the first large estate Gomez has bought. In 2015, she purchased an approximately 10,000 square-foot mansion in Fort Worth, Texas, so she would have a place to stay while visiting and hosting family, per Velvet Ropes. That house featured five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a movie room, crafts room, coffee bar, and dining room with a fireplace. Gomez eventually put the property up for sale, and now, it seems her Encino mansion is her home base.