Here's Why You Should Switch To Purple Shampoo Even If You're Not Blonde

If you have colored hair, you likely know the struggle to keep it fresh-looking and bright. Instead of hitting the salon once weekly to undergo a toning treatment, you can opt for a hued shampoo to do the trick for you while you shower. The primary purpose of these purple and blue-toned products is to reduce the appearance of brassiness or warmer tones that can peep through your highlights.

According to Pureology, these warm colors may result from minerals in your water supply, the sun's rays, or chlorine over time. While blondes are most likely to show signs of this effect, brassiness can also impact those with bleached, white or colored hair in general. If you've lightened your hair in any way, even if you're still technically a brunette or have dark hair, you may benefit from adding purple shampoo to your routine for this reason. 

The outlet explains that the brassiness in various pieces of your colored hair can make your entire look appear diluted. To tone your tresses and keep them looking like you just walked out of the salon, shampooing or conditioning with a purple-hued product can make a huge difference.

You can use purple shampoo on colored red hair as well

In addition to cooling out blonde and brunette tones, purple shampoo may also offer those with red hair a brightening, enhancing treatment. Nexxus explains that this type of product can counteract the brassiness of colored red hair to make it appear fresh for weeks after your latest appointment. Since these shampoos often contain keratin, they also help fortify damaged strands that can result from the drying effect of various coloring products.

The way that the product works is through its purple-hued cooling effects. Pureology explains that purple sits on the opposite side of yellow on the color wheel, meaning that it's helpful in counteracting the brassiness that can sometimes pull through treated hair. While you wash, the purple hue starts to tone your mane to a brighter, more vivid color that looks more like the one you originally asked for at the salon. You can add purple shampoo to your regular shampoo or use it on its own for best results.

As for how often you should use this product, it depends on how much your hair needs toning. Since everyone prefers their hair a certain way, play around with the frequency at which you wash with this product. Just lather like you would with your regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly. You'll likely notice a difference after a wash or two!