The Dramatic Ben Robinson Moment That Didn't Make It Onto Below Deck

Chef Ben Robinson was a major fan favorite during his initial stint on Below Deck, with the British firebrand cultivating a doomed "boatmance" with co-star Emily Warburton-Adams, cooking up some delicious-looking culinary delicacies in the galley, and even standing toe-to-toe with terrifying chief stew Kate Chastain. After four successful seasons aboard Below Deck, and one on hit spin-off Below Deck Mediterranean, Robinson sailed away to new pastures before making his highly anticipated comeback. In Season 4 of Below Deck Med, the lovable, Michelin-trained chef was better than ever. 

Although he appears to be supremely confident on the hit show, Robinson described the role, in an interview with Bravo's Daily Dish, as "the hardest job there is." The Brit explained, "You're on your own and you're in charge of provisioning, budgeting, it's a tiny little space, you have no help." However, Robinson acknowledged, "A good chef will be able to rise above it, but it's tough. It's a tough gig." We've seen some massive blowouts from the chef on the show over the years, particularly when he's stressed out, but in reality, one of the biggest incidents never made it to air. 

Ben Robinson took horsing around to a whole other level

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, bosun Eddie Lucas — another fan fave who left the show only to return spectacularly in a later season — explained that the cast of Below Deck often gets put on ice in between setups (for instance, if the action is moving from the yacht to a bar or restaurant) during a night out. "That means no more talking to each other, because the cameras have to move positions," Lucas said. However, during the debut season, he and Robinson took one such opportunity to mess about. 

As he recalled, "Ben was going, 'Mate I'll f*** you up! I'm gonna get you!' And I was like, 'I'm too fast for you man!' I think he knows karate. He made a move and I tried to get out of it really quickly, but he grabbed a chunk of my hair and the whole thing just came right out. He had this clump of my hair in his hand! I'm pretty sure I had a bald spot and it was bleeding, but we were cracking up about it." The badly behaved lads got in trouble with production, but the incident, thankfully, wasn't broadcast, for obvious reasons.