This Is The Best Way To Remove Calluses From Your Feet

If you've ever started laughing during your pedicure from getting your feet tickled, you've likely experienced callus removal. To achieve softer, more manicured feet at home, you'll need a few classic tools to help you do it painlessly. Of course, there are other benefits beyond just the aesthetically pleasing aspects of smooth feet. Mindbodygreen notes that cracked skin can be a magnet to bacteria that can cause infections and other health issues later.

To begin, soak your stems in warm water to soften and loosen any dead skin cells. Furthermore, the outlet notes, the warm temperature of the foot bath can cause the skin to swell, which is a good thing because oils and lotions can seep deeper into your cells that way after your bath. You can make it an Epsom salt soak or drop in a few essential oils for a more relaxing experience as well. 

Mindbodygreen shares that an apple cider vinegar foot soak can also do the work for you, allowing the dead skin cells to fall off rather than require scrubbing with a pumice stone or other tool. ACV contains compounds that increase cell turnover rates and loosen dead skin cells, making your feet that much more hydrated. By adding this ingredient, you "exfoliate the uppermost layers of the skin, revealing skin that appears smoother and more hydrated," Keira Barr, M.D. explains.

After the foot bath, use your exfoliating tool

Once you've soaked your feet using apple cider vinegar or just water and Epsom salt, your skin should be soft enough to gently exfoliate using an abrasive tool. Pumice stones are the most common exfoliating agents that people use to extract dead skin cells from their feet. Medical News Today suggests trying a stone in the shower or following your footbath by gently rubbing the stone in circular motions. Mindbodygreen says that between 2-3 minutes should do the trick. Just make sure you aren't rubbing too hard to a point that it causes pain. Foot files, according to Medical News Today, also offer an easy way to remove dead skin cells.

Of course, using a foot scrub is a great option that's quick and painless. By finding an exfoliating treatment for your feet, you can slough off dead skin cells to make way for silky smooth skin. Try this or use a foot mask following your full treatment for best results. Make sure to check the ingredient list, however, as some of these products may create a burning sensation to release the dead skin on your feet, the outlet notes. Opting for a physical abrasive and gently rubbing in can combat this issue as well.

A full foot soaking routine can make you feel like royalty. Just find the right tools and soothing ingredients and scrub away!