Who Is Married At First Sight: Unmatchables Contestant Caleb?

Married at First Sight: Unmatchables gathers 16 applicants who were cut from previous Married at First Sight seasons and gives them a second chance at love. But just why were these contestants cut and what makes them unmatchable? Dr. Viviana explains, "If you're not ready to be monogamous, you need to keep that expectation open and honest" (via US Weekly). Pastor Cal elaborates that a party attitude can also hinder a successful monogamous relationship. Contestants on this season come from all different places in life, including the long single, those with intimacy issues, those with multiple marriages, multiple partners, kids, and no kids too.


One of those contestants is 26-year-old Caleb. Caleb is said to value "looks — including his own — over love." Caleb is reportedly not much of a conversationalist, saying all he needs is his smile to get things going with the ladies (via Ebony). This young single is sure to make a project for his experts as they help him move beyond skin deep in search of a soulmate.

Will Caleb find his match?

While the previews hint that things will definitely get hot and steamy for some contestants, others will definitely get awkward too. Caleb will be featured in a single episode along with another "unmatchable" as they enter into Dr. Viviana and Pastor Cal's relationship "bootcamp" (via Primetimer). Viewers will get to review Caleb's rejected application video as the experts identify his three biggest barriers to being a successful spouse. The goal is to start breaking these singles of their "bad habits" and open them to new relationship possibilities.


If Caleb seems to have some large barriers to his relationship, he's in good company. Debuting this season, viewers will meet Ashli, whose story will provide an explanation for the strange prosthetic lips shown in the previews, and also Xavius, who likes everything to be exactly the way he wants it. Other listed cast members include ultra partier Brandon, conspiracy theorist Danielle, serial dater Chaz, boss lady Evan-Nicole, clean freak Clyde, runaway groom Ervin, and 29-year-old wild child Sam, among others.

Whether Caleb will make the cut for a quality relationship this time or not — we'll have to tune in to find out.