90 Day Fiancé: The Real Reason Amira Refuses To Speak To Andrew

Ah, another day, another "90 Day Fiancé" drama! On Sunday's jaw-dropping part two of "90 Day Fiancé: Tell All," shots were fired from all directions: The cast questioned Tarik and Hazel's interest in becoming polyamorous, while Natalie accused Mike of cheating (via TV Insider). While each relationship has their fair share of tension, Amira and Andrew are ice-cold. No longer on speaking terms, the dramatic tell-all let us in on what's going on with the French-Californian former couple.

As per TV Insider, the French-Egyptian Amira Lollysa refused to speak to ex-fiancé Andrew Kenton, only getting a word out once Andrew was off set. On the other hand, the California-born daycare owner (via Daily Soap Dish) refused to speak on the tell-all unless he could speak to Amira first. When Amira wouldn't budge, he stormed off set. In response, Amira stated, "If he leaves, then he leaves. Good."

Andrew's controlling nature seems to be the reason for Amira's coldness toward him, and most of the cast agrees with her. Amira said, "I will not give him the pleasure to control me again" (via TV Insider). As Screen Rant explains, Andrew has disregarded Amira throughout the show, even leaving her to fend for herself when she was detained. Forcing her to go to Serbia alone to then try to get back into the U.S., Andrew also sent her "abusive" text messages. While all of that would be enough for Amira to refuse further communication, it actually gets worse.

Amira made some serious claims

On the tell-all, Amira also spoke about Andrew's tendency to guilt-trip her. She explained, "When he talks to me, he makes me feel guilty about everything, and today [he] can't do that" (via TV Insider). Still, not all of the cast was convinced by Amira's claims, with some questioning her motives. While Rebecca maintained something "isn't right" about Andrew's behavior, Brendan accused Amira of lying about getting detained.

So what's the real reason behind Amira's refusal to speak to Andrew? When Yara asked the Egyptian-French beauty why she's scared of her ex, Amira explained that Andrew would yell at her. Some cast members were unconvinced, with Julia saying he "looks like a nice guy," but others believed her. Still, once Andrew was officially off set, Amira dropped the biggest bomb of all.

When asked why the relationship fizzled so drastically, Amira explained, "Andrew decided that I have to get pregnant as soon as I arrive in the U.S. Otherwise he's not going to get married to me." Shocking the audience and fellow cast, Amira said Andrew yelled at her all night but she still wanted to fly back to America. Even though Andrew asserts Amira broke up with him, she told the audience that Andrew set up a dating profile before she even got back to her home country. The French reality star doesn't need sympathy, though: She's reportedly in love with a new guy, another Californian named Camel Ventura (via Cinema Blend). Well, then!