The Cleaning Hack For Your Ceiling Fan You Need To Try

When you're on a cleaning spree, you probably remember to dust all your surfaces and get the stains out of your countertops, but what about your ceiling fans? It's one of those things in your house that you should absolutely clean, put probably forget to. Keeping ceiling fans clean is highly important for your health, as whipping dust mites into the air can cause you to breathe in contaminated particles, which can aggravate allergies or other conditions (via Envirosuite). 

Even though it's important to keep them clean, if you procrastinate dusting your ceiling fans because of the challenges the chore entails (unless you're 7 feet tall), you're far from alone. Even long-handled dusters aren't a great solution, because while they may help prevent climbing a ladder, you're still guaranteed to rain down some of that dust onto your own head. Yuck! We're sneezing just thinking about it. But what if there was a better way to clean your ceiling fans that was much easier and mess-free? 

How to use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans

Fortunately, home care blog One Good Thing by Jillie highlights a procedure for getting your ceiling fans squeaky clean without unleashing all that dust into your house. What you'll need to get the job done are a step ladder, a pillowcase, and if you have one, a small container of compressed air. Place the ladder underneath the fan, and climb up with the pillowcase in hand. Place the pillowcase over one blade (like you would place it over a pillow) and slide the blade into the opening. 

Once the fabric is fully surrounding the blade, press one hand on top and one hand underneath, and pull. This will trap all the dust inside the pillowcase. Once you have done this for each blade, you can take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside-out, and shake it (via Huffington Post). Then just toss it in the wash! Not only is this more environmentally friendly than a bunch of paper towels or throw-away dusters, but it keeps you and your house clean!

If you find the dust has gotten into the motor area of the fan, this is where the compressed air canister comes in (via One Good Thing by Jillie). Place the long, thin straw-like piece into the entry of the motor and then blow some air into it. This will leave you with a ceiling fan free of dust.