Acrylic Nail Alternatives That You Need To Know About

Who doesn't feel like an absolute queen after they get their sharp, new acrylic nail set? Seriously, if you're having the worst day ever, a new set of nails can turn it all around. 

However, the sad thing is that acrylic nails can actually hurt you -both your wallet and your real nails. Yes, it's true. If you ask any nail technician – or that co-worker who always has the best set of nails - they will tell you the acrylic trend can seriously damage your nail beds and cuticles over time. Of course, getting them once in a while won't do too much harm, but after having the nails your fingers on your fingers for long periods of time (without breaks) – we're talking fill-in after fill-in – can lead to a number of unfortunate outcomes. 

There are many things that can cause damage. For one thing, the chemical agents used in acrylic nails can cause inflammation and the acrylics soften the nail bed, which leads to tearing (via Step To Health). But never fear, because there's always an alternative.

You can get gel, fiberglass, or dip powder nails instead

One popular alternative is to go to the salon for another type of nail extension: gel, fiberglass, or dip powder. The most common of the three are gel extensions since they are a much more gentle version of the classic acrylic. They don't contain the harsh ingredients acrylics do – plus, they last just as long. The process is simple: they put in the extension, secure it with gel polish, then a LED light dries the color to a clean finish. 

Another option is fiberglass. Though a strange concept, but worthy a shot! If your nails are very thin, fiberglass can make them thick and gorgeous. The nail technician applies mesh strips with little fibers on them, but it takes a while so get ready for that part of the. Fiberglass can last almost as long as gel, with most of them lasting around two weeks (via BRIT).

Lastly, consider dip powder. While they're a little pricier than acrylics, they last up to a month! And the process is quite easy, you just dip your fingers in powder, and your tech taps off the excess (via Martha Stewart).