Glossier Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money

The digital-native and community-driven beauty brand Glossier is one of the leading companies redefining the beauty industry. What started as a beauty blog called Into the Gloss and a tight-knit community of beauty lovers later became a billion-dollar company thanks to the entrepreneurial mindset of its founder and CEO Emily Weiss (via Business Insider). Glossier's skincare and makeup products are now cult favorites for beauty lovers and celebrities alike who are obsessed with the minimalist vibe and natural finish.

Glossier has a wide array of products for face and body and even has a line in partnership with the WNBA. Some of the fan favorites include Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, and Balm Dotcom with thousands of positive reviews, according to Glossier's website. While the brand has lots to offer, their products don't have drugstore prices so for many customers, it comes down to an "either or" question. What are the products that are actually worth the money?

Glossier's mascara is a game-changer

If your makeup routine involves mascara, you know how frustrating it is to find the right formula. When you get a new mascara, there's usually at least one issue: the formula can leave your lashes feeling really dry, maybe it clumps them together, or perhaps the rub-off is unreal. With more than 3,000 reviews and an average score of 4.4 out of 5 on the Glossier website, Lash Slick promises to extend your lashes without the heavyweight and clump effect of other formulas (via Glossier). The tube is at $16, which is a reasonable enough price to give it a shot. 

"After trying tons of mascara formulas only to wind up disappointed, it's great to find one that fits the bill both literally and figuratively," Insider's Abigail Barr wrote about Lash Slick. "I can just throw it on and not have to check in the mirror as the day goes on, and to me, that's priceless."

This Glossier blush can double as eyeshadow and lipstick

We all love a versatile product — more bang for your buck, less clutter, and more spending power for other makeup must-haves — so it's no wonder why Glossier's Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color is a favorite. The gel-cream blush — that also serves as an eyeshadow — comes in eight vibrant shades and has a lightweight feeling that doesn't leave your face sticky. Just a little bit of Cloud Paint can go a long way in bringing color to your complexion and you can control the color intensity by applying more layers (via Glossier), which is good news if you've had trouble applying blush in the past

According to Insider writer Jacqueline Saguin, "[t]his particular pigment doesn't bring out my blemishes or textures and it stays put throughout the entire day." Another extra point for this product is that it has a blurring effect, reducing pore size without clogging them. The individual tube costs $18 but you can also order the duo pack for $30. 

Glossier's daily facial cleanser promises to hydrate without irritation

At $9 in mini-size and $18 at full-size, Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser is a bargain in the world of skincare products. The creamy gel formula is non-comedogenic and safe for the eyes in case it gets into them (which we know happens all the time when we wash our face). According to one Reviewed writer Janelle Randazza, this product is the perfect exchange for your typical Cetaphil Daily Cleanser because it hydrates the skin and deep cleans without irritation. 

"After a month and a half of regular use, I noticed a marked improvement in my skin that no other skincare system, let alone an individual cleanser, can deliver," Randazza wrote. "I attribute my smaller-looking pores and zero blackheads to this product. This gets my die-hard devotion."

The Independent writer Pippa Bailey added, however, that while this product might be great as a daily cleanser, it's not a powerful makeup remover so you might want to use it as an after-wash. And don't forget, the order of your skincare routine matters, so make sure to cleanse before adding any serums or moisturizers.