The One Crystal You Need To Get If You're An Aquarius

The healing properties of crystals have become increasingly popular thanks to social media and the rise in alternative medicine — think aromatherapy, meditation, etc. If you already use crystals, you probably know that each type has different curative properties and effects. Knowing what crystals are beneficial for specific zodiac signs could increase the power of these energy stones, according to Kristin Petrovich, author of "Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life." 

"Using astrological gemstones can be beneficial as they typically work in tandem with one's personality while supporting any weaknesses or potential issues," Petrovich told FabFitFun. Sounds great, sign us up.

If you're an Aquarius, you are most likely an innate humanitarian that loves intellectual stimulation. Aquarians have a variety of enduring and difficult personality traits — while they like helping others and establishing relationships with open-minded people, their desire doesn't come from emotional connections but rather from rational thinking processes. "Rather than follow the crowd, [Aquarians] are free-spirited ... and rebellious leaders of the pack that often focus on the bigger picture," crystal healer Mazz Hanna told FabFitFun. "They benefit from working with crystals that keep them present and in touch with their higher self." So, what's the perfect crystal for Aquarians?

Amethyst will do wonders for Aquarians

The amethyst is a bright purple stone that is considered the birthstone of Aquarians. Not only is it a visual representation of the sign, but it is the perfect equalizer of intelligence and emotions (via Home of Chiji). According to healing jewelry brand Charms of Light, gifting an amethyst will help the recipient become more stimulated and aware, while also allowing them to dissipate sadness and stress. The stone also has sleep benefits, as it reportedly helps control insomnia and relieves physical pain, as noted by Healthline

Once you buy your crystal, it is important to properly take care of it so that it retains its healing properties. According to Healthline, you should wash your crystal with cold water to clean any negative energy it might have caught from the environment, sprinkle it with sea salt and let it dry under the sunlight. Above all, you must leave aside your skepticism toward crystal healing if you want it to work. If you try them with an open mind, you might be surprised by the results.