What To Know Before You Try An Undercut Hairstyle

Ever thought of shaving your head, but too afraid to cut all your hair off? Did the coronavirus quarantine push you and your hair maintenance over the edge? Maybe the undercut is the solution you've been looking for. One of the trendiest haircuts of the year, an undercut involves shaving the sides and/or the back of the head while leaving longer hair on top (via Latest Hairstyles). Undercuts are beauty statements, but they also have a functional purpose. For those with abundantly thick hair, shaving off some it can be a real game-changer. With the simple flick of the razor, you're instantly left with less hair to wash and far fewer locks to care for. 

Another benefit of the undercut look is that it is versatile for those wanting to play with masculine/feminine boundaries. Janina Loos, who wrote about their undercut experience for Odyssey, explained that the look was a perfect middle ground. On the days where shoulder length hair was preferable, the cut made it possible. In moments of confidence and self-expression, the long hair got thrown into a bun and the intricate undercut was revealed. 

It all sounds great. But is there a downside to this haircut?

Undercuts require lots of maintenance

While undercuts are really versatile and stylish, they have some downsides. If you're someone who worries about your hair's volume, undercuts might not be for you because they can drastically reduce it. You can absolutely still try out this hairstyle, but be careful about how much hair you're cutting off. Try shaving only one side or the back of your head to avoid excess hair chopping (via Odyssey).

Another aspect you must consider before committing to an undercut is that the style requires a lot of maintenance. Think about how quickly your hair grows — this varies from person to person, and some people do everything they can to make their hair grow quicker — but this can make your undercut design look messy after about two weeks. So, it's recommended to do touch-ups twice a month, per Douglas J Salon. If you go for a standard undercut with no intricate design, it might be a good investment to get an electric razor and shave it yourself (proceed with caution).

Of course, haircuts are a form of self-expression, so go for whatever style makes you feel like your best self.