This Morning Routine Can Help You Be More Productive

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How you begin your day sets the tone for it (via Nova Medical Centers). You've probably noticed that when you have a chaotic morning, the rest of your day might be less productive, too. A few bad habits like spending the beginning of your day in bed scrolling through your phone could end up derailing everything if you lose track of time, making you stressed and less productive (via Better by Today).

Perhaps you're even among the 57% of people in the United States who press snooze each morning (via Sleep Review), which is a habit that could make you more tired, leading to lowered productivity. Amid the pandemic, your morning routine might have changed even more if you're working from home as the majority of Americans are these days, according to the U.S. News and World Report

Author Hal Elrod published "The Miracle Morning" in 2012, promising a not-so-obvious secret to transform your mornings all before 8 a.m. Freelance writer Locke Hughes decided to try the new morning routine, writing about it for Better by Today, and here's how it could work for you.

Here are the six practices that can transform your morning

Locke Hughes enumerated the six practices called "S. A. V. E. R. S." that author Hal Elrod wrote were "guaranteed to save you from a life of unfulfilled potential" if you follow them (via Better by Today). While the concepts are simple, consistently doing them by 8 a.m. every morning might be a significant change in the way you live your life. "S. A. V. E. R. S." stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing.

Begin your day with a short meditation; and even though it means you might pick up your phone first thing, using an app like Calm could be helpful. Next, say out loud what you plan to accomplish and how you'll do it, and then visualize your perfect day. Before you get to work, get in some exercise, even if it's something short. Hughes suggested a quick yoga routine. Elrod wrote, "The fastest way to achieve everything you want is to model successful people who have already achieved it." He recommended reading at least 10 pages each day of a self-help book or spiritual text. Finally, keep a journal, writing down whatever is on your mind, and keeping a gratitude list. 

By creating a morning ritual that you can count on, changing your mindset, and preparing for your day, you can become more productive (via Nova Medical Centers). Follow the simple "S. A. V. E. R. S." concepts and create your own "Miracle Morning."