How Does A Fashion To Figure Subscription Work?

There are many fashion subscriptions to choose from. Frank and Oak, DailyLook, and Dia & Co are just a few options you might want to try, according to Real Simple. However, perhaps, the best fashion subscription service is Fashion to Figure.

We all know fashion has its issues when providing attractive clothing options for plus-sized women. So, what's great about Fashion to Figure is that it solves just that! Per My Subscription Addiction, this subscription service lets you rent three sets of items, including plus-size dresses, jeans, tops, and even workwear. The outlet additionally revealed how Fashion to Figure lets you keep the clothes for an unlimited time, meaning you can wear your new outfit whenever you'd like until you're ready to exchange for a new set.

Another benefit of Fashion to Figure is the sizing of its clothes. According to the subscription's website, Fashion to Figure offers inclusive sizing ranging from 12 to 24 and XL to 3XL. Name a more inclusive brand than this one.

How to sign up for Fashion to Figure

So, you're interested in subscribing to Fashion to Figure, but don't know where to start? Don't fret. The instructions are easy. According to Fashion to Figure's FTF Closet subscription page, you simply have to browse the clothing options and find your look — you can choose up to three styles at a time. Plus, new clothing options are available each week, so there's plenty of new and stylish clothes to choose from at any given time; the website lists all of these styles under the New Arrivals tab.

Once you find your top choices, begin the clothes renting process. Create an account, add your card information, and you're ready to go. And, if you're wondering, yes shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, and since the FTF Closet plan is for $54.95 a month, all subscriptions qualify for free shipping.

Once you're done wearing a set, you can swap out and exchange. Don't worry about washing your used set either. As Fashion to Figure notes, they always wash each set after it's returned. If you want to keep your set, don't worry. Fashion to Figure says you can keep your set and buy it at a reduced price; this option is found under the At Home section of your closet.

There are so many benefits to Fashion to Figure. Inclusive sizing? Free shipping? New clothes every week? What else could a shopper ask for.