Twitter Is Roasting Halle Berry's Oscars Hairstyle

Halle Berry is widely known as the kind of woman who can pull off just about anything. She's done it all. Her signature pixie cut was one of the most desired looks of the late early 2000s. She's worn long, luscious locks and even gone bald. Most of the time, there isn't a complaint about how the 54-year-old mom looks. 

Berry's red carpet look at the 2021 Oscars is surprisingly garnering some criticism, however. On its face, the look is pretty impressive. Berry wore a flowing, mauve dress by Dolce & Gabbana with a daring, plunging sweetheart neckline (per Good Housekeeping). But it wasn't her outfit that was catching the eyes of many. Berry debuted a new hairdo that has people challenging that previous notion that she can pull off any look. 

The haircut itself is very trendy. It's a microbob, spotted by a few daring Hollywood starlets of late. The asymmetrical cut was longer in the back than in the front (per Allure). She completed the look with baby bangs.

Halle teased the look before she stepped on the red carpet

Before taking the red carpet, Halle Berry hinted at a cut on Instagram. She shared a photo of a pile of hair splayed across the floor. The dark locks, paired with honey highlights, were just past shoulder length prior to her cutting it all off (via InStyle). 

Twitter is not feeling the look, to say the least. Someone disapprovingly tweeted a gif of Jim Carrey, which may remind you of his hairstyle in "Dumb & Dumber." "Oh Halle Berry. I thought it was impossible to make her look bad but that hair is....not great Bob," one user wrote, and they put it more kindly than most.

Some did come to Berry's defense, of course. "Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood and always looks gorgeous regardless of hairdo or dress," one person tweeted. "I am aghast at the remarks on here. People, be kind. So, you don't like her hair or gown today. Neither takes away from her talent or natural beauty."