Laura Dern's Oscars Outfit Is Drawing Some Unflattering Criticism

The Oscars might not have a host this year but it does have a lineup of stellar presenters, including award-winning actress Laura Dern (via Town & Country). Dern won her first Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in 2020 thanks to her role in "Marriage Story." This year, Dern wasn't nominated for an acting award, but she was part of the ensemble that made the ceremony feel like a movie.


"The most exciting thing about this show is that it is going to feel like a film, in the sense that, at the end, we hope it'll feel like you watched a movie," Steven Soderbergh, co-producer of this year's Academy Awards telecast, told Vanity Fair. "Everybody will be a character: Every nominee, every person that gives an award, will feel like characters in a film. And in the end, you'll know who everybody was and what they wanted. You'll have a connection to everyone in this show."

Just like in a movie, the viewers had their eyes all over the main characters. But they ended up having mixed feelings about Dern's red carpet outfit.

Laura Dern's dress was compared to Bjork's swan dress

Dern's date for the night was her friend Reese Witherspoon, who is also a presenter in this year's Academy Awards. The duo shared on Instagram that they were getting ready together and showed their excitement for being part of the show. While Dern produced the nominated animated short "If Anything Happens I Love You," Witherspoon just went "to schmooze" (via People).


Many Twitter users seemed to agree that Dern's Oscar de la Renta resembled Bjork's 2001 swan dress (which was reported on by the BBC). "Laura Dern celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Bjork swan dress accordingly," wrote USA TODAY's entertainment and wellness reporter Hannah Yasharoff. Bjork's swan dress was first faced with criticism but is now seen as an iconic dress that everyone remembers with fondness, so comparing Dern's dress to hers would be a good thing.

However, some other viewers weren't as thrilled with Dern's feathers and compared her dress to "dead swans," "swiffer dusters" and an ostrich