Why People Are Dragging CNN After Kamala Harris Interview

We are all acutely aware how important social distancing is as we continue to exist in a COVID-19 world. The current CDC guidelines recommend staying 6 feet apart from anyone who does not live in your household. But there is safe, and then, there is ridiculous. At least this is the viewpoint of many who saw a recent CNN "State of the Union" interview with Vice President Kamala Harris.


When the network's Dana Bash sat down to chat with the second in command, she was seated all the way across the room (via Fox News). Twitter immediately lit up with commenters dragging CNN for the overly-cautious seating arrangement.

"Can you scooch back just a little? Thanks! Little more though? Now just scooch a bit more. Juuust a bit more. Scooch a touch more? Thanks, a little more. CAN YOU HEAR ME? I SAID A BIT MORE! Can she me waving my hand? Call her cell. Kamala? It's Dana, can you scooch a bit more?" tweeted one such critic.

But this was far from the only trolling comment.

Twitter rips into CNN for its theatrical interview with Kamala Harris

On Twitter, one individual called the exaggerated social distancing between Dana Bash and Kamala Harris as they talked about border security, "security theater."

Someone else commented jokingly, "What is that, 12 ft? I am surprised a plexiglass wall wasn't erected between them as well." And another viewer observed, "@CNN interview with Vice President Harris showed host Dana Bash seated on the opposite side of the room, despite both she and Harris having received the coronavirus vaccine."


Yet another CNN viewer dragged the network for the buzzworthy interaction, noting, "It's ok for fully vaccinated people to be together, unmasked, indoors. You know that, so why the incredibly 'stupid' visual with Dana Bash sitting so far. Please be credible, not dramatic."

Finally, one commenter noted at least the women were not wearing masks given their incredibly generous social distancing. Here's hoping they had hand sanitizer nearby!