The Truth About The Plath Marriage After The Loss Of Their Son

TLC is known for its series that showcases the lives of large and/or religious families - and "Welcome to Plathville" is no exception. The strict parents shared that their children have never tasted a Coke Cola or had any real sugar (via Distractify). While most of us would not survive without our daily hit of refined sugar, this family seemed to make it work for them.


 Season 1 showed the family as they homeschooled, sang Christian songs, and went to the beach wearing long pants. Season 2, however, was a bit different as the family started to pull apart and go their separate ways.

Kim Plath from "Welcome to Plathville" opened up this season about how she accidentally ran over her 17-month-old son Joshua Plath, which led to his ultimate death. On the family website, the matriarch openly recounted the horror of the tragic day where she was moving fruit trees on their farm, and as she readied herself for the next bunch to be moved, she checked her surroundings and jumped into her Suburban. Sadly the toddler was then run over. Many fans have questioned how the couple has kept their relationship together all these years and if Barry Plath held any ill feelings towards his wife. The answer may surprise you.


Barry shows Kim nothing but support and care

According to Kim Plath's retelling of the story via the family website, Barry Plath not only had to struggle with losing his sweet son but also had to deal with losing his wife to depression. She wrote on the family blog that she was "checked out. Unavailable for conversations or reality. If someone said Joshua's name, I had to leave the room." However, despite the heartache, the couple's relationship and marriage remained intact.


During Season 2, Barry was asked by TLC cameras if he blamed his wife for killing their son. He answered calmly, telling viewers that instead of blaming his wife, he tried to show sympathy towards her since he knew it was an accident and that his wife was already suffering from immense guilt (via TV Overmind). Together, the two read the Bible and turned towards scripture to heal their inexplicable pain. Kim even agreed that her husband had shown her nothing but support, and she loved him for that.

The Plath marriage is a faith-based love affair

The couple has always had a strong bond, according to Meaww, and attributes their success to meeting while at church. 

While they started as just friends, the Kim Plath and Barry Plath quickly knew they were meant to walk down the aisle together. As the story goes, Kim believes that God spoke to her telling her Barry would be her soulmate; minutes later, he strolled up to her and started talking about their future as a married couple. Looks like miracles do happen! 


Even through tragedy, the pair have been happily married for 22 years and have raised nine children. Fans were overwhelmed by how Barry handled the situation. Even though the couple is often attacked for their unconventional lifestyle by their older children who have fled the nest, they wouldn't change their life one bit. TLC fans are hoping that Season 3 shows the family reuniting and working out their differences, so they once again can be as close as they used to be.