The Most Toxic Relationship Traits Of A Cancer

Cancers, like all of the Zodiac signs, have positive and negative character traits. While intuitive — they can typically pick up on the energies around them — they're also prone to passive-aggressive tendencies and controlling behaviors (via Allure). That's not to say that this water sign is negative all the time, it just has its own issues. Think about some of the famous Cancers out there — Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian, to name a few — they're both wonderful, but have been known to jump in and out of relationships. Knowing the difficult traits of Cancers can be beneficial if you are one, as it'll help improve your relationships, according to YourTango.

The first toxic trait to recognize is Cancer's pessimism. According to Revive Zone, being pessimistic is one of their more difficult characteristics. The outlet further revealed how Cancers are known to give up before trying, and will typically see the negatives instead of the positives. But this isn't to say that Cancers aren't ambitious and determined — much of their approach in life is based on their fear of failure, and unfortunately, it can hold them back.

Cancers are also known to be a smidge clingy, according to Revive Zone. Their fear of abandonment causes them to keep everyone close to them, and while that doesn't sound particularly problematic, it can lead to some attachment issues. Other harder traits that some Cancers embody include moodiness, fear of rejection, and irrational thinking. 

How a Cancer's difficult characteristics can impact their relationships

In any relationship, your personality traits can have both positive and negative influences on your partner. That said, knowing your difficult traits (and working on them too) can save you a load of heartbreak. According to YourTango, Cancers have to learn not to take everything their partner says or does personally. Cancers can have the capacity, even if they don't realize it, to prevent their partner from trusting them if they continuously make circumstances about them. The more you know, the better you can prepare. 

Additionally, according to Prepscholar, Cancers can easily end up in toxic relationship patterns if they do not stop their self-sacrificing tendencies. Cancers can be willing to give everything up, including their own happiness, for the sake of their relationship. This can backfire and can leave them vulnerable, making it easy for their partner to take advantage. A helpful tip for you Cancers out there is to establish boundaries and stop the self-sacrificing mindset — both will help foster a healthy relationship.

Knowing your difficult traits as a Cancer is important, because the more you know about yourself, the more you can maintain a  healthy romantic relationship – Virgos and Scorpios are a wonderful match for Cancers, fyi. There are so many beautiful characteristics of this Zodiac sign — you just need to work on yourself so everyone can see it.