Is The BarkBox Subscription Really Worth The Money?

If you love spoiling your dog (who doesn't?!), you have probably considered signing up for a pet-friendly subscription box. A dog-focused subscription box is exactly what it sounds like: A special box full of goodies — which may include a mix of treats, toys, chews, or accessories — curated specifically for your furry friend. Dog subscription boxes are a great way to save time and money. (They also make for great gifts!) Plus, watching your pooch open a fancy box stuffed with toys and tasty treats is a gift itself, from the time you grab the box from your front door to the moment your sweet pupper realizes, "Oh, this is for me!" It's definitely a moment you will want to post on Insta.

But there's one question you'll need to answer first: Which box is best for your fur baby? To figure out which box is best for your pooch, consider the type of items you would like to receive (whether it's toys, treats, accessories, or a combination) and how often you would like to receive your items (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.). To help you decide, here's a bit of info on BarkBox, the most popular dog subscription box on the market (via Insider).

Everything you need to know about BarkBox

According to the company website, BarkBox sends its customers a completely customizable box of themed toys and treats for their furballs each month. Monthly boxes begin at $23 per month for 12 months. If you are not ready to commit for an entire year, BarkBox also offers a one-time box subscription for $35 or a six-month subscription for $26 per box. (These prices include shipping!) For two toys, all of which are designed by BarkBox's in-house designers, two all-natural bags of treats, and one chew per month, you cannot beat these prices. Just one BarkBox-themed toy will set you back $9 at your local Target. 

"Considering all the toys and treats you'll be receiving, BarkBox is a really great deal," dog behavior expert Cesar Millan wrote in a blog post published on Cesar's Way. "Whichever plan you choose, you'll be saving a lot of money compared with buying dog treats and toys at a store."

The "theme" for each month is chosen at random, but customers have the option to add additional toys from other themes to their box via the BarkBox app or website. BarkBox subscribers can also switch out treats and chews based on their pup's preferences and/or dietary requirements. What's more? BarkBox has an amazing customer support line (via Zendesk). With perks like this, you will be begging for one, too!