Inside Chanel West Coast's Lavish House

Chanel West Coast (born Chelsea Chanel Dudley) began her career working in reality TV on MTV's "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory." However, she's gone on to co-host MTV's "Ridiculousness" and been recognized as a rapper, according to InTouch. With all the money she's made during her rise to fame, the Los Angeles native spent some of her cash on a fabulous home in the Hollywood Dell neighborhood in east Hollywood Hills (via Variety). She purchased the home, originally built in 1954 and renovated in 2018, for $1.65 million in late 2019. 


The rapper's house features 2,600 square feet, three bedrooms, and three-and-a-half bathrooms. It resides on a .18-acre lot, and Chanel revealed that she had a custom pool and fire pit put in the backyard when she took InTouch on a tour of her gorgeous house (via YouTube). She said that the house was the largest she'd ever lived in and commented several times throughout the video how much she appreciated having so much space compared to the one- and two-bedroom apartments she'd grown up living in.

Here's one of Chanel West Coast's closets

During her YouTube video tour with InTouch, Chanel West Coast showed off her gorgeous home. The open living room featured palm tree print walls, and she spends a lot of time creating music and entertaining friends in the space. For her kitchen, Chanel chose a few unique features like a black sink, black interior in her refrigerator, and unique black paper towels, which she admitted were more for style than function. Apparently, she keeps the plain white ones for use hidden in one of her kitchen cabinets.


The rapper showed off two different closets in her home, which she had beautifully organized with lots of sneakers in one and a dazzling array of Christian Louboutin red-soled high heels in another. She noted that neither closet was her dream one, though. "I really want to have a closet like Kim Kardashian where it looks like you're at the YSL store in the mall," she explained. "That's a dream closet, but this is the best closet I've ever had." 

Chanel West Coast encouraged viewers who watched her tour to work hard and go after their dreams. After all, Chanel's hard work for more than a decade in the industry led to her buying a lavish home.

The house also has a glam room

Chanel West Coast also showed off her glam room, where she gets ready for events and photo shoots. The vanity is full stocked "drawers filled with makeup. It's never ending!" she explained in a YouTube video. Nearby are some of her favorite shoes, including Doc Martens and Vans, as well as items from her own clothing line, LOL Cartel, which features items in tie-dye and with images of marijuana leaves. "I've been working hard on this collection for a long time — as someone who's always moving around and hanging out with friends, I wanted something that would feel comfortable and cozy, but still chic," Chanel said (per The Source). 


Chanel's glam room also boasts an array of colorful wigs lining the walls — an easy way for the musician to change up her look. "... I'm like let's just switch it up and do wigs all the time, and it's really cool too because I can change my hair color, I can change my hair length — one day I can be short and blonde and the next day I can have long purple hair, you know. I just like to do that, it's really fun and saves your real hair from a ton of damage," she told Remix Magazine.

Chanel West dreams big in her bedroom

Chanel West calls the master bedroom in her new home "the best room I've ever had." The tropical color scheme matches perfectly with the "California vibe" she was going for (although ironically the wallpaper design is called "Miami"). The neon sign reads "It was all a dream," inspired by one of Chanel's favorite rappers, Biggie Smalls. "This is where I obviously do a lot of dreaming," Chanel explains. "And my dreams are not just dreams. I will dream and have visions for music videos, dream and have visions for songs," adding that she has had business meetings with DJ Khaled and Jay Z in her dreams. "I'm out her making moves in my dreams," she joked in the YouTube video.


She also showed off her backyard, which was just some stones, rocks and weeds when she purchased the home. It now features a pool that she designed herself, as well as a custom built fire pit area where she and friends often sit around to enjoy some drinks and chat.