What It Really Means When You Dream About Being Cheated On

How many times have you woken up from an awful dream that involved your loved one cheating on you? Not only do we find ourselves utterly annoyed at our partner for something that never happened, but the thought has now buried itself in our brains.


Healthline may have summarized the phenomenon best: "If you can dream it, your can do it. But you don't have to." It is good to point out that just because you dreamed of a cheating scandal, it does not actually mean it has or will happen to you; we aren't clairvoyants here! These types of dreams are some of the most common people have after they lay their heads on their pillows for the night.

But, as certified dream analyst Lauri Lowenberg told the outlet, these dreams are something you should be interested in since "every single thing in our dreams means something." So what exactly does watching your partner cheat on you in a dream mean?

Dreaming of cheating is normal (kind of)

Before you lock yourself up in relationship jail, it is important to note that dreams do not observe boundaries, according to Deirdre Leigh, who says anyone can have a dream about cheating, even if you are in a solid relationship (per Women's Health). It all comes down to your life experiences, i.e. have you been cheated on in the past? Or maybe you were the cheater. It's totally normal to bring your life challenges or experiences into your dream cycle.


For those who like to dabble in dream journals, dreaming of being cheated on can often point at your own propensity to feel inferior (via Exemplore). While you may not have an inferiority complex, suffering from low self-esteem is a bigger problem than many like to admit. These feelings can often trickle over into your real-life relationships. Leesa revealed that 60% of women had scandalous dreams, so you are not alone.

You can rest easy after an analysis

It is always helpful to take a pause and analyze your dream. Bustle revealed that it is possible that your dream is trying to jump-start your conscience into recognizing an issue in your everyday waking life. You can also use your vision as a starting point to a conversation if you need to. It could be that you feel there is a "third wheel" in the relationship or simply that the two of you are not spending enough quality time together.


The positive word is that these forms of dreams rarely mean you are being cheated on in reality. If you find you keep having recurring nightmares, however, it may be time to speak to your significant other. But if the dream ends up being a one-off (like we think it will be), you can look forward to a good night's sleep the next evening — one without out-of-this-world monsters or boogeymen, we hope.