Who Is Aya Cash's Husband?

If you don't know Aya Cash's name, here's a tip: you should. After all, the actress has been in a ton of notable television series and movies, so there's a good chance you've seen her flex some of her amazing acting chops on-screen. Cash is best known for her role as Gretchen in FX's hit series, "You're the Worst," and of course, her role as Stormfront in the wildly popular Amazon Prime show, "The Boys," opposite Jack Quaid and Karl Urban, (via IMDb).

Cash has also had recurring roles on shows like "Traffic Light," "The Newsroom," "We Are Men," "Easy," "Foss/Verdon," and "This Country," and is slated to star in Showtime's "The First Lady," (via Deadline), which is currently in pre-production. The series will also star Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson.

While Cash's career has steadily been gaining speed over the last decade or so, her husband, Josh Alexander, has been by her side since day one.

Josh is also in the entertainment industry

According to his IMDb page, Josh Alexander is an actor, writer, and producer. He's been in a handful of movies and shows, including "Under New Management," "The Briefcase," and "Law & Order," while also serving as producer on a bunch of documentaries, including "Blessed Child," "I'm Leaving Now," "Southern Rites," and "Backseat."

Aya Cash and Alexander have been together for over fifteen years, as the 38-year-old actress detailed in an anniversary post on Instagram in September 2019. "Happy Anniversary. 7 years since we got married. 14 years since I was your waitress and you left me your email with the tip," she wrote in her sweet tribute to Alexander. "I made it very clear I was just looking for a little fun without commitment but It was more fun to commit to you. So proud of us for always working to be better together when sometimes it would have been easier to be apart. You are still the best person I know."

Aya Cash and Josh Alexander open up about going to couple's therapy

A successful man who's also in touch with his emotions? No wonder Aya Cash is totally smitten with her man! The couple has spoken openly about going to couple's counseling in the past. 

It's rather refreshing to hear an A-list couple normalize going to therapy in order to maintain open communication in their relationship, even if nothing major is particularly wrong. In January 2019, Cash revealed to The Cut, "We went to couples therapy right before we decided to get married to figure out if that was what we wanted to do. We're not in crisis mode at all right now. Now we're just like, 'How do we be better? How do we have a better life?'"

On their down-to-earth relationship, the actress explained, "I joked to Josh that our vows were gonna be like, 'I promise to love you till I don't.' We're both fairly realistic. Josh said to me, 'Look, I will have wanted to do this in my life, so let's do it together and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But we're gonna try everything until it doesn't.' And I think that's the commitment."