Royal Expert Dishes On William And Kate's Rocky Start

On April 29, 2011, Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot, which means this royal couple is about to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary. In the past decade, Kate and Prince William have shared many iconic moments with the world, including adding three children to their family — Prince George in July 2013, Princess Charlotte in May 2015, and Prince Louis in April 2018 (via Today).


However, Kinsey Schofield, founder of, a website that is all about the British royal family, spoke with The List about how The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had some rather low points in their love story, as well, especially in the beginning.

"Some assume that their relationship has always been as perfect as it seems, but there were multiple breakups throughout their relationship!" she said about the two, who became "officially official in 2004" and then moved in together "only months" after taking their relationship public.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge faced breakups in 2004 and 2007

Kinsey Schofield explained that the first breakup between Prince William and Kate Middleton happened around the holidays in 2004. "Kate invited William to spend the New Year with her family, and William declined in favor of Sandringham. An argument ensued. According to reports at the time, not only did Prince William feel 'claustrophobic' in the relationship, but there were stories that Prince William's stuck-up friends made fun of Kate's middle-class family..."


The next relationship hiccup took place in 2007. According to Schofield, "Kate took a call in a private office where she worked in retail. She disappeared for more than an hour, and when she reemerged, she was sad ... and single."

There were also rumors that Prince William's stepmother, Camilla, was behind the breakup. "According to the book 'Games of Crowns,' the Duchess of Cornwall wanted William to break things off with Kate because Camilla was jealous of the commoner. At the time, Camilla was working overtime to try to win over the British public and was 'disgusted' that everyone seemed to fall in love with William's young and beautiful girlfriend."

Kate Middleton also had to deal with unrelenting attention from the press

Something that did not help during these splits was the paparazzi. Schofield described the press as being "increasingly dangerous" while covering and reporting on Kate Middleton. "Photographers would stalk her when she was out alone, and she was incredibly frightened." According to Schofield, "Kate definitely had paparazzi attention at a level that could only be compared to Princess Diana ... These frightening instances only increased with breakups and engagement rumors."


In the end, though, the royal couple persevered, wed, and has made it to their 10th wedding anniversary! Middleton even touched upon the breakups in an interview in 2010, saying, "I think I, at the time, wasn't very happy about it, but actually, it made me a stronger person" (via ABC News).

Schofield also reminded The List of a very important part of The Duke and Duchess' romance: He proposed with Princess Diana's engagement ring, which is like a cherry on top of this sweet story.