The Best Cities To Live In If You're Outdoorsy

Ah, there's nothing like city life, right? As much as living in the city can be great for your career, and give you plenty of opportunity to socialize too, some cities are lacking when it comes to outdoor space and amenities — this can even have an effect on your health. Indeed, according to a study from the World Cities Culture Forum, there are an awful lot of cities without much green space at all.


Whether you want to go for a run in the morning, take the dog on a good long walk, or just spend some time at one with nature, you might like to live in a city with plenty of outdoor options. The cities that make the final cut vary in climate, temperature, and amenities, but one thing's for certain: They're all great for that outdoor life!

Of course, some cities will be better than others, but which cities are the best to live in if you're an outdoorsy person? There are some you might not be expecting.

Give the Northeast a try

When you stay indoors, it can be bad for your wellbeing, but these Northeast cities give you the best of both worlds. Newport, Portland, and Stowe, located in Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont, respectively, all feature for different reasons. With their location, they don't have a particularly hot climate, but if you want plenty to do outdoors, they're still worth looking at.


In Newport, it can be fun to bring a picnic to Fort Adams State Park or to hike the Cliff Walk. The city, in the smallest state, isn't too big either, so it won't take you forever to explore. Meanwhile, further north in Maine, there's plenty to do if you live in Portland. Whether you want to take a walk around the city and look at the shops in Old Port (via New England Today), or take a boat to the Casco Bay Islands (via Casco Bay Lines) for the day, there's something for everyone.

Alternatively, you could check out Stowe, where you can try plenty of winter sports in and around Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak (via Alternatively, head to Smugglers' Notch State Park, where you can take a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike (via Vermont State Parks).


Hawaii, Alaska, and California dreamin'

It just wouldn't be a list of American cities without some Californian representation, and to that end there are two Golden State cities here: San Francisco and San Diego. The two cities almost need no introduction, but, nonetheless, you might not know just why they're so great to live in if you're outdoorsy. Of course, both cities are on the coast and boast great beaches, while in San Francisco you can become at one with nature by spending some time in the Golden Gate Park. For the adventurous among us, there are water sports to try (via Time Out), or you can simply rent a bicycle and travel around the city, perhaps going over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.


There are great cities all across the country to live in if you're outdoorsy, from east to west and from north to south. Outside of the contiguous 48, Honolulu, HI, and Juneau, AK, both rank highly, despite their differences. Honolulu has great sunny weather and there's so much to do at the many beaches in and around the city (via Culture Trip), while Juneau earns points for its adventure possibilities (via Travel Juneau). You might not expect Salt Lake City, UT, to have made the list, while Charleston, SC, does too. In Salt Lake City, you can easily while away the hours at Red Butte Garden, while you won't want to miss perhaps the country's best barbecue in Charleston.