Fans Have A Theory About Penny's True Motives On Big Bang

Fans of "The Big Bang Theory" tuned in each week to watch the hilarious storylines, sweet friendships, and quirky romances. Fan-favorite couple Penny and Leonard were at the heart of it all. 

The character of Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, was a hit from the beginning (via Screen Rant). She started off as the gorgeous girl-next-door, but quickly built lasting relationships with the group of nerdy guys across the hall. She also ended up falling in love with her neighbor, Leonard, portrayed by actor Johnny Galecki.

Penny and Leonard's relationship didn't make sense on the surface, of course (via The Things). They didn't appear to have anything in common. She was an actress who liked to socialize and watch sports. Meanwhile, Leonard liked to play video games, watch sci-fi movies and talk science with his pals, activities that Penny eventually learns to love as well. Despite it all, something about the pair just seemed to click. However, some fans have crafted a bizarre theory that could explain the real reason Penny was such a big part of Leonard and Sheldon's life.

Wild fan theory about Penny may change the way you watch The Big Bang Theory

Although "The Big Bang Theory" ran for 12 seasons on CBS), the character of Penny is still a mystery. Not much is known about her life before moving in across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. In fact, the series never even revealed Penny's last name to viewers, (via Insider). However, that didn't matter much, because fans instantly fell for the lovable character. Despite Penny's bubbly personality and sweet demeanor, a wild fan theory paints the character in a much different light, per Screen Rant.

The theory, which originated on Reddit, claims that Penny may have been sent by foreign enemies to get close to Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard. The group of scientists have all worked closely with major groups such as the Air Force, FBI, and NASA, and Penny may have been used to spill their secrets and gather intel for other countries. 

Her lack of last name and interest in the geeky guys have raised flags among some viewers, who believe Penny was solely there to infiltrate their friend group. The theory also explains why Penny immediately begins to play dumb whenever scientific topics come up, even though she's proven on multiple occasions that she's smarter than she appears and listens intently when the men speak about their research. While the theory seems unlikely, some fans may now watch reruns of the show with fresh eyes.