Chris Brown: How Much Is The Famous Rapper Worth?

Chris Brown has had a long and successful career in music ever since his breakout hit single "Run It!" catapulted him to stardom in 2005. Over the last 16 years, Brown has released nine full-length studio albums and two EPs (via All Music), starting with his self-titled debut album on Jive Records, followed by "Exclusive" (2007), "Graffiti" (2009), and "F.A.M.E." (2011). Brown signed with RCA in 2012 and released his EP, "Fortune" the same year (via XXL Mag), then followed with "X" (2014), "Fan of a Fan: The Album (2015), "Royalty" (2015), "Heartbreak on a Full Moon" (2017), "Indigo" (2019), and "Slime & B" (2020).

Not only is Brown known for his musical talents, he's flexed his acting chops in a few popular movies and television shows, like "Stomp the Yard," "A House Divided," "Black-ish," and "Think Like A Man," as well (via IMDb). His songs have also appeared on a whopping 80 soundtracks in television and film, including "The Do-Over," "Pretty Little Liars," "Empire," "CSI: Miami," and more.

Chris Brown has amassed quite the net worth over his long-running career

Per Celebrity Net Worth, the "Go Crazy" singer is worth around $50 million, which shouldn't come as a shock, considering the fact he's been working since he was 16 years old. On top of his music and acting careers, Chris Brown has toured to promote each of his albums, and even served as the opening act for Beyoncé on some of "The Beyoncé Experience" shows. The outlet also reports that Brown owns 14 Burger Kings and once had a clothing line called Black Pyramid.

Even though Chris Brown is one of the most successful R&B artists of his generation, he's had his fair share of legal troubles over the years; most famously in 2009, when he was arrested and subsequently plead guilty to assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna while the pair were driving late one night (via E! News). Brown was sentenced to five years probation and community service; he was also required to attend domestic violence counseling (via CNN). Instead of a wake-up call, the shocking incident created a snowball effect, however, and trouble has continued to follow the entertainer since. As E! notes, he's been arrested multiple times for a variety of incidents including assault and assault with a deadly weapon, and his extensive rap sheet has prevented him from entering the U.K., Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

And while his personal reputation is undoubtedly clouded by his actions, Chris Brown's professional career has gone virtually untouched by his besmirched reputation, as is evidenced by his whopping bank account.