What It Really Means When You Dream About Roller Coasters

You're climbing up into the sky at a slow and leisurely pace and suddenly you're falling straight down feeling like you're out of control. While that sounds like a real-life experience on a roller coaster, that can also be a dream of a roller coaster. But why would you dream about roller coasters of all things?

Our minds can conjure up any number of things during our sleeping hours and what the mind creates manifests as dreams. According to Healthline, a person may have four to six dreams each night. However, we only remember about 5% of our dreams. Sometimes we dream of what was on our minds before going to bed and sometimes our subconscious takes over and what we dream about may seem random, but it is anything but.

Different cultures have interpreted dreams throughout time, according to CNET, but it was pioneering psychiatrist Sigmund Freud who first declared that dreams can indeed have meaning. So, what does it mean when you dream about amusement park roller coasters?

Roller coaster dreams can have different meanings

Depending on the details of your roller coaster dreams, these little stories in our sleep can have varying meanings. According to Dreaming and Sleeping, when you dream of a roller coaster going fast you likely have a lot of stress in your life. This is anxiety you might not be aware of, but it comes out in your dreams.

The website goes on to explain that dreaming of a roller coaster going slow means you want your life to move forward. Perhaps you feel your life is in a rut and not going anywhere. A stationary roller coaster may indicate that you feel your life is dull and needs excitement.

Whether you just dream of watching a roller coaster go up and down or are actually on the roller coaster also makes a difference in what the dream could mean, reports Sleeping and Dreaming. If you are on a roller coaster, you might be anxious about some unrest in your life. The website also warns that if you have the ultimate nightmare of falling off a roller coaster, it might be prophetic and you may need to be careful about the future plans you have been thinking of making.