Who Is Seventeen?

Seventeen is more than just a number when you're a K-pop fan. The South Korean boy band consists of thirteen members who came together to start making music and dancing back in 2015 (per Seventeen). 


The group consists of hip-hop sub-unit members Wonwoo, Mingyu, vernon, and band leader S.Coups; vocal sub-unit members Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan; and dance sub-unit Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino.

While you may be new to these guys, they aren't new to the industry. In just about six years, the group has put out seven EPs. They've also got three full-length studio albums under their belts, "Love & Letter;" "Teen-Age;" and "An Ode," (per KProfiles). These hardworking, passionate young men have chased their dreams while being endlessly kind to their fan base, always hoping to inspire them. The passion of their fan base shows that these guys are the real deal, and they've only just begun.


The group's name has more than one meaning

Seventeen is a meaningful name for the group. In fact, it actually has two meanings. The simpler explanation is that seventeen was the average age of these young men when they started the group years ago. Of course, the guys have grown a bit since their youthful debut. As they've really taken shape and grown, the meaning of the group's name has come to mean more. 


The number 17 is one group with three sub-units and thirteen members, meaning 1+3+13=17 (per TIME). Aside from their three sub-units, there's also some other special combinations of the guys that come together to showcase specific talents. The "Leader's Group" consists of the leaders of each sub-unit, S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi. Then there's BSS, which is the comedic musings of Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi. 

The size of the group may be bigger than most K-pop groups, but this system has made it possible for everyone to feel like their talents are being valued and shared with fans.

Seventeen's music is all self-produced

Seventeen is also different than other groups because they handle all their own production, (per TIME). While they've worked with top producers and choreographers, they've prioritized being heavily involved in every step of every song, video, or production that's theirs.


"At the end of the day, regardless of what is going on, our music is what we sing and what we show our audience. So I believe the music has to be sincere, and reveal our genuine nature," Woozi told Refinery29 in an interview. "So every album of ours holds the messages and stories that we want to tell the most. And I think that is why Carats like our music."

Carats refers to the group's fanbase, which is seriously strong. They have over 7 million followers on Instagram alone, and things are only getting bigger for the group.

"And another important point — that I feel isn't stressed enough sometimes — is that it's fun to make our own stuff," Vernon added. "We enjoy the process a lot."

Seventeen even got a TikTok hit on their hands

Because the group is so involved in every area of their music, it's no surprise they take their fans deeply into consideration. They were set to continue their world tour in March 2020, but had to cancel due to COVID-19, (per iHeartRadio). Fans took solace in the "Left & Right" single, which quickly became a TikTok favorite for it's catchy sound and fun choreography. Before you know it, fans were jumping on the #LeftRightChallenge.


It's no wonder this South Korean group finds themselves making their Billboard Music Award debut this year with their very first nomination. They are up against BTS, Ariana Grande, SB19, and BLACKPINK for Best Social Artist, an award for groups who have seriously vocal fanbases on social media, (per Billboard). The 2021 Billboard Music Awards will air live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on May 23 at 8 pm ET on NBC.