Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Self-Care

Horoscopes, astrology, and zodiac patterns can provide insight on our traits, passions, futures, and emotions, and can teach us a thing or two about self-care (via Power of Positivity). In order to unwind, destress, and better yourself, there are strategies (associated with your sign) that you can try, with Well+Good and Cosmopolitan reporting all the info you need to know!

An Aries loves running after goals, but they should also try running in general or some other type of high-intensity workout. For a Taurus, the answer is rest, and according to astrologer Kyle Thomas, "Taureans need sleep more than any of the other zodiac signs in order to keep their strength and stamina up," as noted by Well+Good. 

Geminis may find themselves being pulled in many different directions, and a way to get refocused is to read a book. Cancers should focus on breakfast, with Thomas saying this "will help center them, even if the rest of their day is completely crazy."

How to use your horoscope in pursuit of self-care

Thought we forgot about the rest of the zodiac signs? Never. According to Well+Good, a Leo likes to look their best before being able to perform at their best, so self-care ideas that come to mind are beauty rituals. When it comes to Virgos, they should start up a hobby that is not about being perfect, such as abstract painting or journaling (and as noted by Cosmopolitan, Virgos just need to take a couple deep breaths each day to chill out). 

Libras enjoy the finer things in life, so they can beat stress with a massage. As a water sign, a Scorpio needs time alone in order to reflect, and a swim is a great time and place for this. An idea for a Sagittarius' self-care is to enjoy the great outdoors, and astrologer Lisa Stardust suggested to Well+Good that taking long walks could be a great self-care solution.

Capricorns may find themselves bogged down with work, but low-intensity exercise can help. This sign, according to Cosmopolitan, could also benefit from some uninterrupted pampering time. A bath is a solution for an Aquarius, and Stardust says, "A warm bath with Himalayan sea salt and lavender will allow Aquarians to unlock the tension and tightness in their muscles, which is where they store all their frustrations." Finally, there are intuitive Pisces, who can hone in on their emotions with a day spent in the outdoors, as noted by Cosmopolitan. What happens if you don't relate to your star sign? Don't worry, any kind of self-care will be beneficial.