Here's What Makes The Candaces Different From Other Sisters - Exclusive

Anyone who has siblings will attest to how tough it can be to share. From toys and snacks as kids, to clothes, cars, and even friends as teens and adults, sharing might be caring but it's still no walk in the park. Except, it seems, when it comes to Brooke and Baylee from TLC's new reality show "Extreme Sisters." These sisters have taken sharing to a whole new level. Some might even say, to an extreme. According to Discovery, they share their name (their legal names are Candace-Brooke and Candace Baylee), beauty routines (the sisters shower together and pop each other's pimples), and a bed. They even share toothbrushes and underwear (via Fox News).

When did all this sharing start? Where did it come from? The List sat down for an exclusive interview with Brooke and Baylee to learn more about their special, extreme bond. Here is what makes "The Candaces" different from other sisters.

Brooke and Baylee from Extreme Sisters shared everything growing up

For Brooke and Baylee from "Extreme Sisters," their special relationship started right from the beginning. "You know, there was no privacy in any way, shape, or form with any of our siblings," Brooke told The List. "So, me and Baylee growing up, we shared a room, our entire lives. And so when my friends would come over, they didn't just hang out with me. It was all of us in the bed at the same time. It was, I mean, like there were no boundaries. We shared the same bathroom in the same room, same closet, same everything."

The Candaces also knew right away that their bond was different from other sisters. "When I'd go over to my other friend's house, they'd have separate rooms," Brooke said. "I wouldn't even talk to their sisters." However, no matter how much they stood out, Brooke and Baylee liked the way they grew up. And so did their friends. "Growing up, we always had our friends come over and we were the fun house," Brooke said. "Like all of our friends would come to our house and they would always say, 'You are nuts! Like you need a TV show,' whether it was our arguments or just busting into each other's rooms."

The Candaces still share to this day, from big moments and careers, to close relationships

As fans will see on "Extreme Sisters," Brooke and Baylee's relationship is just as strong as ever — and they still share. For example, as they revealed to The List, they even have the same career. Brooke has her teaching degree and will soon begin teaching elementary school, and Baylee is finishing up her degree in health and P.E. "Our whole family is like either teachers or preachers. It's like a running joke," Baylee said. "And so I kind of just always wanted to be a teacher. So did she, and we're like, 'Why not? We could work at the same school. Be off with our kids. It's perfect.'"

The Candaces also still share in life's big moments, like when Brooke had her first child, Candace-Ace. "When I had my daughter, Baylee and my friend, they were kicked out of the labor and delivery room," Brooke said, laughing. "I'm pushing my daughter out [and] I literally am hearing Baylee, laughing behind the curtain. She's hiding behind the curtain. I see her peeking and she's just sitting there because they tried to kick her out and she was like, 'That's not happening.'" And Baylee wasn't just there for Ace's birth, she's like a second mother to her niece. "Ace truly thinks that Baylee is her mom because it's not just me and Baylee, Ace is a part of it," Brooke explained. "She is a huge part of our life. I feel like she's literally both of our daughter."

New episodes of "Extreme Sisters" air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.