What You Should Know About LaLa Milan

Lala Milan was once known as one of the funniest people on social media. Now she's taken that reputation and changed her entire life, single-handedly. Milan's story is one of the true hustle hard stories of the social media age.

Milan knew she loved making people laugh. In high school, she realized she had a talent for it. In college, she started using those talents online while studying and working various jobs. After college, she also struggled through different gigs while trying to find her passion. "I basically lived paycheck to paycheck," she told Forbes. "I was always bored at those jobs once the initial excitement of getting hired had worn off. I knew I didn't want to be there. I wanted to be an entertainer, I just didn't know how to do it."

It was at that frustrating time that Milan decided to try to really look at how she could use social media to put herself out there.

Lala had her first viral moment in 2015

In March 2015, Lala Milan had her big break when one of her hilarious videos went viral. She did a parody of Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen," joking about snitching on a guy if the cops came around. The video resonated with a lot of ladies who wouldn't go as far as Fetty was asking and went viral.

""It wasn't the first piece of content I created, but it was the first to go big," she told Forbes of the video. "As soon as it took off, I kept striking while the iron was hot. I posted every single day. I was guided by desire — the desire to escape my boring everyday life. My boss was always out playing golf and doing what he loved. I wanted to be out somewhere doing what I loved, too."

Milan made the bold decision to quit her job as the momentum continued picking up. She didn't know exactly where it would all take her, but she decided to give 100% to finding out.

Lala figured out she needed more than one gig to make it happen

Lala Milan would discover social media fame can be fickle. "One thing about social media in the culture I was coming up in, it's cancel culture! So they'll love you while you're hot but as soon as you're not no more and content slows down so does the checks," she told JaGurlTV. She realized she needed multiple streams of income to be financially secure while riding those waves. She decided to start making content for YouTube, writing comedy content for others, and making appearances.

"People see the glamorous part of my job, but a lot of them don't realize it's more than that," Milan told Forbes. "I am always doing everything in my power to learn as much as I can. I taught myself everything to be my own one-person content creation team: writing, filming myself, directing and editing my own stuff. And I'm still constantly studying to further advance my career as an influencer. This isn't a simple task."

In 2019, she pivoted to acting in a big way

Lala Milan revealed she would star in Lena Waithe's "Boomerang," a series for BET based on the 1992 rom-com of the same name, in 2019 (per IMDb). Her character, Tia Reid, has proven to be a fan favorite. She's interested in expanding her acting career to dramatic roles and fans are eager to discover her range.

Milan's also dipped into the world of podcasting with her show, "The Salon with Lala Milan" (via Apple Podcasts Preview). And that's not all. She's also moving into the health and wellness space with her upcoming line of feminine hygiene products, Vagi-taminz. "A lot of times whenever people take things so serious or it's taboo or they're ashamed to talk about it, I can make a joke about it and then people will be like, 'Okay, you're right,'" she told Essence. "So I say that to say, feminine care is very, it's taboo for women. I just figured out a way to basically make women comfortable in talking about it. Let's normalize talking about issues that we have with our body that just so happen to come with having a vagina."

There's no area where Milan feels she can't branch out to if her heart's in it.