Carole Baskin's Latest Cat-Themed Business Venture Is Turning Heads

In a December 2020 interview with The Guardian, "Selling Sunset" fan favorite Christine Quinn was asked who she believed the biggest TV villain of the year was. "Carole Baskin [from "Tiger King"]," Quinn opined, before acknowledging, "Me and Carole Baskin." Suffice to say, Netflix's explosive documentary series "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" — to give the show its full title — was the binge-watch of the year. And although Baskin was ostensibly the hero of the piece and Joe Exotic (who was involved in a plot to have her killed) the villain, public support swayed predominantly toward him. 

The intense, borderline-inexplicable hatred of Baskin has not deterred the Florida-based animal rights activist, however. Aside from continuing her work at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary, Baskin enjoyed a stint on "Dancing with the Stars" and also appeared in beloved documentarian Louis Theroux's "Tiger King" follow-up, "Shooting Joe Exotic," in which she was given the opportunity, alongside husband Howard, to open up about how tough things have been for the couple since the docuseries aired. Now, Carole Baskin is turning her attention to a more profitable market, albeit with her typical cat-based spin still intact. 

Carole Baskin is dabbling in cryptocurrency

Carole Baskin, animal rights activist and star of Netflix's "Tiger King," is getting into the cryptocurrency — or should that be cryptopurrency? — game, which isn't something most people would've guessed as her next business move. Taking to Twitter, Baskin utilized her typical cadence to announce she's "purring like a bobcat rolling in catnip" after making the move. The digital currency, entitled $CAT (because of course it is), can be used to purchase merchandise and various online experiences from Big Cat Rescue, the animal sanctuary run by Carole and her husband Howard, and which is located in Tampa, Florida. The cheapest option is around $5. Baskin posted a statement on Big Cat's official site, too, noting, "I'm investigating cryptocurrencies because I am concerned about the volume of US dollars that are being printed and distributed with nothing to back them up." 

She opined, "I like the idea of putting the power of money in the hands of the people, rather than banks and governments." The "Tiger King" star noted that $CAT is meant to be spent rather than invested, ideally so fans of her sanctuary can "show their love for the cats" without having to be there in person. Baskin is certainly striking while the iron is hot, since there's still a huge appetite for "Tiger King" content. As Variety notes, actor John Cameron Mitchell has just been cast as Joe Exotic opposite Kate McKinnon, as Baskin, in upcoming limited series "Joe Exotic."