How To Remove Makeup Even If You've Run Out Of Makeup Remover

Those of us who wear makeup regularly have our favorite makeup removers just like we have our favorite lipstick or concealer. And skincare junkies know how essential it is not to sleep in your makeup. According to Good Housekeeping, wearing your makeup to bed can lead to breakouts, a duller complexion, older-looking skin, and even skin irritation. 

But what happens after a long day when you get home, get ready for bed, go to wash off your makeup and realize you're fresh out of your favorite remover? Some of us might resort to using face wash, but the multiple washes that would take to remove, say, waterproof mascara, can be harsh when your skin is used to one or two quick and gentle swipes with a remover. Instead, you might be relieved to learn that things you may already have in your kitchen would be a better alternative than soap. 

So next time you find yourself with a full face of makeup and no way to gently remove it, head to your cupboard with the following list.     

How to remove makeup with things you have in your kitchen

Instead of relying on harsh scrubbing with a wash cloth or over-washing with your facial cleanser, reach for these kitchen staples: coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe vera (via Fine Feathered Heads). Coconut oil and its derivatives are already popular ingredients in store-bought and homemade makeup removers as it is wonderful at dissolving even stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara and kiss-proof lipstick. Just take a pea-sized amount, rub it between your hands to liquify it, and then rub gently over the makeup. Remove with warm (not hot) water and/or a super-soft cloth to reveal perfectly-clean skin. The great thing is, this is even a great option for those with oily skin, as oil cleansing with coconut oil actually helps dissolve excess oil and can hydrate skin properly to prevent excess oil production (via Wellness Mama).  

Olive oil can be used in a similar way; just take a few drops of the oil, work gently over your face, rinse/wipe off, and then follow with a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil (via Fine Feathered Heads). Aloe Vera is another excellent option for removing makeup, as it not only helps to dissolve and remove residues, but soothes the skin in the process. Simply add some aloe vera to either oil, and proceed as instructed above. This will both increase the effectiveness of the homemade remover and calm your skin.