Here's What A Soul Tattoo Really Is

There are so many tattoo designs to choose from. From abstract to Celtic, there are plenty of different and interesting styles to wear (via Next Luxury). That said, whether it's your first time getting inked or not, knowing tattoo designs is important.

One popular design is a soul tattoo, according to Byrdie. Ever heard of it? A soul tattoo is a sacred form of art that is derivative from the ancient feminine origins, the outlet added. The creator of this modern-day practice is Ashley River Brant, a multidimensional artist, and healer, per Brydie. "I combined my mediumship gifts, elemental connection, art background, as well as my studies in the healing arts, and crafted a unique transformative experience of intentional art for the purpose of creative embodiment," she said.

Soul tattoos represent soulfulness, spiritual energy, and healing — hence the name (via Brit + Co). Those who are interested in healing energies, meditation, and tarot cards might want to look into getting inked with a soul tattoo, the outlet added.

The only downside to this practice is the expense and cost. According to Brydie, a soul tattoo costs around $200 to $300 and can take up to six hours.

How to get a soul tattoo

If getting a soul tattoo is of interest to you, the next step is heading to a soul tattoo practitioner. Unlike other tattoos, getting a soul tattoo is a lot different, per Brit + Co. The outlet added that getting a soul tattoo is customized — the artists will begin with a guided meditation and a reading of your body to determine which area needs the most healing.

Once completed, per Brit + Co, the artists will begin creating the design, a specific work of art that is influenced by meditation and reading. "The final design is always a collaboration and discussion between myself and the client so they feel 100 percent aligned with the image, though 90 percent of the time it's exactly what they want as soon as I show them what I am seeing," Ashley Glynn, a San Francisco-based tattoo artist, told the outlet.

After the design is selected, there are only a few more steps — a final aura reading to ensure the healing is taking place, Brit +Co added.

You might be wondering: What's the reason for all these steps. Well, the purpose of a soul tattoo is transformation — that's why there are many aura readings, guided meditations, and body readings, per Byrdie. "The transformation can be so subtle that you don't even notice until you wake up one day six months later and realize a weight you once carried is gone," Brant said.