Barry Plath's Attempt To Have The Sex Talk With Son Isaac Was Beyond Awkward

"Welcome To Plathville" shows the ups and downs of a family living an extremely conservative Christian lifestyle. Family patriarch Barry Plath found himself in the hot seat when it came time to having "the talk" with youngest son, Isaac Plath. 

It all started when two of the family's older children, 19-year-old Micah Plath and 17-year-old Moriah Plath, confronted their parents about their lack of knowledge in the areas of health and sex. The conversation came during the show's Season 2 premiere, (per ScreenRant). The two teens, who were kicked out of the house after refusing to follow some of the rules around technology and leaving the house, suggested their parents change their approach with their younger siblings.

It seemed patriarch Barry took the suggestion to heart. In the next episode, he decides to talk sex with Isaac. It's safe to say fans think he missed the mark just a bit.

Barry struggled to connect, despite his best attempts

Barry Plath and Isaac Plath headed into the woods, where dad decided to broach the sensitive subject with his son. Instead, he talked about Micah Plath's complaints about his personal life and tied it into that. Barry asks, "So is there anything right now that you're thinking, 'Hey, I have a question about this topic?'" Isaac says he doesn't, but Barry isn't buying it.

"Nothing? Girls?" he pressed. "Have any questions? What about the opposite sex?" Isaac noted the awkwardness of the conversation. "When I'm talking about girls with my friends or something, it's not awkward 'cause, I don't know, we do it all the time," he told the camera. "But when it was with my dad, it was kind of awkward because he'd never really talked to me about that."

Of course, Isaac may believe his dad doesn't have too much experience in the dating department anyway. Barry and Kim Plath were engaged a month after the two felt God tell them to marry one another and married a few more weeks later, (per TVOvermind).