Here's The Best Time Of Day To Go For A Walk To Boost Your Mood

The mental health benefits of taking a walk are well documented. From getting some Vitamin D to breathing in fresh air, your time outdoors is doing much more beneath the skin than you may realize. While it's great to get outside at any time, walking outdoors in the morning may be best for your overall health and wellbeing.

Indeed, morning workouts boast unique health benefits — especially when you take your movement outside. Very Well Health reports that the pollution levels are generally lowest in the mornings, making your inhales and exhales that much cleaner. Getting you fresh air first thing in the morning can wake you up much more easily and gently as well. The outlet notes that it's also easier to form a habit at this time — helping form your new morning routine that involves the great outdoors. 

Furthermore, you'll have fewer distractions in the morning when you aren't dodging meetings, calls and anything in between. Very Well Health explains that you'll also feel energized for hours after your morning stroll — no extra coffee needed.

Getting sunshine in the morning can make rest easier

Beyond waking you up and helping you feel your best, getting outside and feeling the sunshine on your skin may also help you sleep better! According to Furthermore, a recent study found that those who absorbed more natural light around 8 AM as opposed to synthetic blue light slept more easily and soundly. The reason for this shift has to do with our circadian rhythm.

Mariana Figueiro, Ph.D., a lead on the study, explained, "Normally, our circadian rhythm runs on a period of 24.2 hours and light (either sunlight or artificial short-wave blue light) is the main stimulus to help keep us synced to this cycle."

Getting sunlight in the morning helps regulate this rhythm to a point at which falling asleep is easier. You can get a similar effect by heading outdoors during the afternoon as well. "Light during the day is like a cup of coffee," she adds. By getting your steps in early, you can feel the natural rays, get your body moving and relax into your day rather than feeling stressed and rushed.