Surprising Hobbies Everyone Is Trying In 2021

Since the world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have been taking up hobbies to occupy their time. Maybe it's something they always wanted to try and never had the time to, or maybe they've discovered something new altogether. After all, hobbies can help manage anxiety, and we've all been feeling that a little more than normal. In any case, it's wonderful to see people trying new things, discovering new aspects about themselves, and investing in their own happiness.

During the coronavirus quarantine, baking took off as the hobby. Lest we forget the yeast shortage that led to the popularity of sourdough bread baking which, unlike other breads, doesn't require yeast. Baking is still incredibly popular, but other hobbies are on the rise. There are the evergreen hobbies that people are committing to, such as writing every day and bullet journaling, and there are the hobbies such as gardening and flower arranging that people are getting into during the springtime. However, these are only a few of the many hobbies being taken up by the masses.

Here are even more hobbies people are doing this year

Unsurprisingly, a lot of trending hobbies are home-based. For example, like baking, people are taking up cooking in greater numbers. People like to travel for new culinary experiences, and with international travel limited for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to try new cooking adventures at home to recreate a sense of exploration and normalcy.

Some other trending hobbies include watching documentaries, learning foreign languages, learning to play a new instrument, and exercising (via Trending Us). All of these hobbies include learning something new, and they each better the self and/or the soul. Putting this time of isolation to good use sounds like the best possible application.

In the creative sphere, people are taking up activities such as painting, photography, origami, cake decorating, and cross-stitching (via Little Coffee Fox). These activities are personally fulfilling and could be profitable if you practice enough!

Outside of solo hobbies, Trending Us also noted that people are spending more quality time with their families. They are playing card games, board games, cooking together, and using this time to strengthen their bonds. Not everyone is around family during the pandemic, but for those who are, consider yourselves lucky! What hobbies are you taking up this year? If you haven't decided yet, we hope you consider one mentioned here!