Here's What It Really Means When You See A Hawk

Some religions believe that seeing certain animals can represent an upcoming joyous event, or perhaps heed a specific warning, but you don't have to be religious to understand spiritual symbolism. Many people believe that they have a spirit animal, and we aren't talking about the trending hashtag on InstagramMindbodygreen offers some tips to help reveal your spirit animal, which is also known in Native American traditions to be a guide supporting you through life.

The hawk, a purposeful messenger among Celtics, Native Americans, and in Christianity, has powerful meaning, whether it's seeing one in your dreams or in real life.  A white hawk, for instance, represents peace and harmony, and is considered a blessing when seen facing you, or when you dream of one (via Your Tango). Hawks may symbolize guidance from a higher power, and dreaming of a hawk may be a nudge that it's time for you to trust your intuition, and work with connecting to self or spirit (via Dream Dictionary).

Hawks are messengers from the spirit world

In the past, hawks were seen as messengers from the spirit world regarding battles — if a hawk was seen with its back turned, it was a sign that defeat was near, and if seen facing you in full view, it was perceived as a good omen (via World Birds). While now we may not rely on hawks for determining the future, there are some lessons we can learn from seeing these beautiful birds.

If you notice a hawk circling you from above, it may be prompting you to up your observation game, perhaps look at things from a broader standpoint and fine-tune your intuition (via TheMindFool). According to World Birds, hawks are a reminder to detach from your emotions and look at the entire situation from a higher perspective. Hawks have incredible eyesight, and when you are seeing hawks often, it may be beckoning you to open your eyes to more opportunities, to look further down the road, and to see the bigger picture.

Seeing a hawk regularly can also mean you are on the right path, as the messenger is also said to be a guide (per Spirit Animal). The Mind Fool mentions that hawks are a sign to stay focused and pay attention to what surrounds you.