Inside Jane Krakowski And Tina Fey's Friendship

Jane Krakowski and Tina Fey have known one another for 16 years, and throughout their many moments as friends and co-workers, Krakowski has continuously gushed over the love and support she's gotten from her fellow actress.

In 2017, while reflecting on her then-12-year friendship with Fey during an interview with E! News, Krakowski said she felt truly blessed to have met Fey while auditioning for "30 Rock" many years ago. "I really look back on that day and I don't know what good luck was bestowed on me," she admitted."We've shared life things together; we've had our kids at the same time. ... I just think she's a great lady."

Years later, while speaking with People, Krakowski said Fey is not only a friend but someone she goes to for advice of all kinds.

"She is someone I have called for advice on what school to pick for my child," she shared, adding that she also consults with Fey before signing onto new roles.

Krakowski then said that Fey is "one of the all-time great women" who she is "so thankful to have as a friend."

"I think everyone would be so lucky to have a friend like Tina. She's just incredible," she added.

Jane Krakowski hopes to work with Tina Fey again soon

Most recently, in January, Krakowski gushed over Fey during an appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show" (via YouTube).

"We had the most wonderful experience working on '30 Rock' for seven seasons," Krakowski recalled. "She's just an all-around great lady, which I just admire. She's super smart. She's very giving. She's a wonderful boss. And I've stayed so close with her and I look to her as a guide."

According to Krakowski, she is thrilled to have remained friends with Fey for so many years and hopes that their relationship with one another will continue "for a very, very long time." She also hopes that she and Fey will soon reunite with one another on the small screen.

"I've had the pleasure of working with her on two productions. I hope that I get to do a third series with her some day in the future if she's game," Krakowski noted.