The Best Life Hacks To Make Everything Easier In 2021

Everyone hoped that 2021 was going to magically erase the difficulties of 2020. But so far, it's turned out to be more of the same, only this time with some hope on the horizon. Vaccination efforts are bringing hope that life will return to normal in the coming months, but even then, experts are still advising the use of masks and social distancing until they better understand how new strains of COVID-19 behave. What will that mean for sporting events, concerts, travel, and general summer fun? We just don't know.


That being said, people are pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and making the best of things, finding ways to forge ahead into their best lives now and still set themselves up for success. Here are a few best practices that will help make life easier in the long run, no matter what's happening in the world around us.

Remove your credit and debit card information from websites

So many websites have made it convenient to buy from them by storing your credit card or debit card information and address. It's so easy to autopopulate your purchase information, click the purchase button, and spend money, but we all need to watch spending, especially now. So, delete that credit card information and force yourself to get the card out each time you're ready to purchase. It will force you to slow down and consider the value of the purchase (via Inspired Budget). 


In the time it takes you to retrieve the card, think about how long it will take you to pay off the purchase, how many hours of work you'll have to put in to do it, and how necessary the purchase is. That will give you a sense of how important it is to press enter on that complete purchase button.

Learn to ask better questions

We're getting back to in-person interactions, which could be uncomfortable for some people for a little while. Besides getting vaccinations, there hasn't been much going on, nobody has been traveling much, and what's in the news isn't that great, so what do we talk about? Questions are the key to learning, engagement, and better conversation, according to GQ. They show people we're listening, and open up dialogue to new avenues of exploration. But good questions are an art that needs to cultivated. 


Try asking open-ended questions that aren't leading in one direction or another. Rather than asking, "Did you have a nice week?" ask, "How was your week?" If someone doesn't provide much feedback, add on, "In what way?" When replying yourself, try to provide some detail in your answer in order to keep conversation flowing naturally.

Travel close to home

With the status of new coronavirus strains and controversy over vaccine passports, many people are still unsure about travel. This is the perfect time to indulge in a vacation close to home, and get to know the areas nearby that you may bypass in favor of more exotic locations. 


Every city and town has museums, historic venues, parks and nature centers, hotels, Airbnbs, tours, and outdoor activities that will give you a new perspective on your hometown. And many of these will offer a locals discount — so be sure to ask. Give them a look and see what you can enjoy that's safe and probably less of a strain on your pocketbook than a far-flung vacation (via Wealthy Money).