Here's What Sal Stowers From America's Next Top Model Is Doing Now

From the moment Saleisha Lashawn Stowers stepped onto the stage of "America's Next Top Model," you could tell that she was in it to win it. Stowers (who goes by the nickname Sal), competed in Cycle 9 of "ANTM," and ultimately went on to win the competition. But if you're wondering whatever happened to the model muse, here's what Sal Stowers from "America's Next Top Model" is doing now.

Although the majority of contestants on "ANTM" don't have any prior modeling experience before joining the show, the same can't be said for Sal Stowers. In fact, Stowers, who was born in Los Angeles, California, had some pretty significant modeling experience before joining the cast. For starters, she had been signed to Photogenics Model Management and had also appeared in a Wendy's commercial with actor Tom Lenk (via America's Next Top Model Fandom).

Not only that, but Stowers had also modeled for DOMIJ clothing, and was an extra in an episode of "Ugly Betty." She also appeared on two episodes of the "Tyra Banks Show," and she had attended Banks' camp, Camp T-Zone, when she was 14 (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). The camp, which is designed to empower young girls, is meant to help them with body image issues and boost their self-esteem.

Here's what Sal Stowers is doing now

But all of this work caused some controversy. There were discussions over whether Sal Stowers was eligible to win the title of America's Next Top Model. The reason: the show's rules stated that contestants couldn't appear as a model in a national campaign within the last five years (via the Chicago Tribune). Ultimately, it was decided that her appearance on the Wendy's commercial wasn't considered modeling, and Stowers was able to compete on the show.

Since winning the title of America's Next Top Model, Stowers has done very well for herself. She signed with Elite Model Management and L.A. Model Management and appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine along with a six-page fashion spread as part of her "ANTM" win (per The Seattle Times). But it was in 2013 that the model made the segue into acting, and appeared on the daytime soap opera "All My Children." Fast forward two years later, and Stowers joined the cast of "Days of Our Lives" as a regular. She plays the character Lani Price, who first appeared as a police officer at the Salem Police Department (via Days of Our Lives Fandom).

If you look at Stowers' Instagram feed, you'll see that the model turned actress is into fashion — and fitness. She also posts images of her work with World Vision USA (she recently completed a half-marathon in support of the organization). It seems like Stowers is taking life one "day" at a time.