Here's How To Style Your Baby Hairs The Right Way

Baby hairs are a work of art, as fans of FKA Twigs have seen. But stylized baby hairs go way back, to girl group TLC's Chilli and even further back, to LaToya Jackson circa the 1980s. The right flick of your wrist with a toothbrush can create the perfect swoop — you'll be looking flawless all day! After all, a look isn't complete without your baby hairs. And although called "baby hairs," these are simply those fine hairs that almost everyone has along their hairline, aka your edges. 

Before you try experimenting with your baby hairs, you must have the right products first. According to InStyle, a hard brush or a toothbrush is the go-to tool for styling your edges. "It should have brush bristles for direction, a comb, and a pointy tip for definition," Larry Sims, a celebrity stylist, told InStyle.

Once you have the brush you need, next is the product — edge control or gel. Byrdie recommends using style creams by brands such as Shea Moisture, Aveda, or Ampro. However, according to the outlet, these products have alcohol in them, which can dry and weaken your baby hairs. An alternative to these alcohol-based styling gels is Living Proof's styling cream, per Byrdie.

Once you have all the right tools, the next step — the hardest, honestly — is styling those edges.

The technique that'll give you the perfect baby hairs

The first step is to wet your baby hairs, according to Byrdie. Damp baby hairs are easier to shape and mold, the outlet reported. Next, apply your desired product. Then, get ready to swoop the brush with the right flick of your wrist. It's important to note that there isn't a specific way to get flawless baby hairs. Honestly, the work is all in the wrist (via InStyle). "It's important for you to have fluidity and looseness in the wrist," Sims says. "What's great about baby hairs is that there are no rules. You can create whatever desired shape and direction with your wrist." It's all an experiment, so you should have fun with it!

You can even add accessories such as bedazzled barrettes and rhinestones to spice up your baby hairs! Just be careful about the adhesive you choose, so that you don't harm your already-fragile baby hairs, per InStyle. The perfect baby hairs look is all about your preference. Style your edges whichever way you choose, and have fun trying out different looks! After all, stars like Yara Shahidi, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys do it all the time.