The Last Welcome To Plathville Birth Came With A Remarkable Story

Back in 2019, the world was introduced to the Plath family via their irresistibly binge-worthy reality show "Welcome to Plathville." The Plaths number 11 members total, including nine children, though there were originally 12 of them (young Joshua Plath died in a farm accident in 2008). In the years since, the Georgia natives have sadly grown apart, with eldest son Ethan cutting off his parents completely, while teens Micah and Moriah opted to move out of the family home. 

Questions have been raised about parents Kim and Barry Plath's parenting style, as well as their decision to keep the kids offline and away from sugar and movies, among other things. Likewise, Kim's profession as a naturopath caused eyebrows to raise, while the revelation that many of the kids didn't have birth certificates until TLC came calling was similarly jaw-dropping. Home births are key to the Plath lifestyle, but in one particular case, things got very dramatic. 

Mercy Shalom was a gift from God for Welcome to Plathville family

While discussing their unique lifestyle in a pre-fame documentary, Kim Plath revealed she found her pregnancy with daughter Mercy particularly difficult. The matriarch was "crying out to God for mercy," asking "him to make the birth smooth and easy" with no complications (via YouTube). A few days later, Kim was roused in the middle of the night and "I just heard 'Mercy Shalom' and I knew that was the Lord saying I've heard your cry for mercy and I'm going to give you my famous first, but I'm also going to give you Shalom, I'm going to give you my peace." As a result, Mercy's birth was quick and easy.

As Daily Soap Dish notes, the youngest Plath kid made quite the impression on "Welcome to Plathville." Mercy and Cassia, who's two years older, were first seen playing with their little black kitten. The younger girl, meanwhile, acknowledged she's good at playing harp but doesn't like it because her arms are too short and doing so hurts a little. She expressed a desire to learn to ride horses and maybe become a waitress some day. Her favorite subject was playing in her playhouse, which isn't technically a subject, but she's so adorable that it hardly matters. Evidently, Mercy is proving to be just as easy to handle in real life as she was to bring into the world. Her existence seems truly blessed.